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Author Topic: Replacing DIS pack on the V6  (Read 8928 times)

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Replacing DIS pack on the V6
« on: 10 August 2006, 16:42:13 »

Courtesy of Cipher.

- First things first, disconnect the Negative battery lead and put it where it cannot touch the battery. The DIS pack makes a hell of a lot of juice and you dont want to be messing with when its live. Remember that you may need the Stereo code once reconnected, so make sure you have this
- Remove the wipers; There are two plastic caps (or there should be) covering the 13mm retaining bolts, pop these off, and then undo the bolts, they shouldn't be very tight. With the bolts out, then push down gently on the hinge in the wiper arm, and then whilst pushing down, lift the wipers from the shaft  
- Remove the scuttle; Pull the scuttle rubber trim, then undo the T25 bolt holding the scuttle to the offside wing. Then undo the (I think there are) seven plastic clips under the lower windsheild rubber. These are Torx head, but they have a slot for a flat screwdriver in. Pull the peice covering the pollen filter first, then the main bit.  
- Remove the plug leads from the DIS pack, and pull them up out of the way. I placed mine on top of the cam covers. Out of the way. Undo the wiring connector for the DIS pack too,
- Remove the wiring plug for the DIS pack.  
- Depending on the year of your car (or engine) the DIS pack will either be mounted horizontally or vertically. Mine is horizontal.  
- The bolts on my DIS pack were E10, but yours may be different.
- Undo the two bolts on the left hand side (viewed from front) of the DIS pack. access is tight, I found that I had to push the HBV out of the way slightly.  
- Now, you need to undo the bolts on the right hand side. Vx say this can be done from underneath the vehicle. I say, well, yes, if you remove the gearbox, or take the exhaust off. So I did it from the top. You have bend your hand into a somewhat un-natural position, but it can be done, I used a 3" extansion bar for the bottom one.
- Now, you need to remove the DIS pack out. I couldn't get mine into the clearing on the left hand side of the engine (as viewed from fromt) as the HBV is there. So I took mine out through the top.
- To give myself enough room to get the DIS pack out, I removed the Carbon Canister Purge Soleniod (This is the black thing at the back right of the plenum. There are two vacuum pipes and an Electrical connector. I also removed a vacuum hose from the Fuel Pressure regulator.
- Now, maneouver the DIS pack out through the gap. Its possibly easier to get a square peg into a round hole, but it does comes.
- New one goes in the same way
- Locate the coils into the mounting recess, and insert the bolts. Finger tight at the minute, just to hold it in place.
- Tighten the bolts back up. They should be tightened to 8Nm, but there is more chance of Satan skating to work that there is getting a torque wrench down there.
- Install the wiring connector
- Insert the HT leads, easier if you do the drivers side first, as on mine (horizontal) these are at the bottom of the DIS pack.
- Reconnect the wiring plug and the vacuum hoses to the Purge solenoid and then refit it to the plenum.
- Reconnect the FPR vacuum hose.
- Replace the scuttle; Install the bigger peice first, and then the smaller peice. Lifting the rubber seal GENTLY with a screwdriver, or similar. tighten the locking screws (1/4 turn) and tighten the T25 bolts on the OS wing. Replace the rubber trim
- Re-install the wipers, and just nick the bolts tight (As Mark DTM says: Half a grunt should do it) and then replace the covering caps
- Reconnect the negative earth lead.
- Start the engine, and hopefully all should be fine.
It is not that hard, it is just (like with most things on the Omega) awkward as there seems to be limited access to just about everything in the engine bay.  
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Re: Replacing DIS pack on the V6
« Reply #1 on: 14 November 2008, 08:29:58 »

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