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Author Topic: Replacing the thermostat on a V6.  (Read 8135 times)

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Replacing the thermostat on a V6.
« on: 16 December 2008, 22:00:10 »

I have searched for a how to on here but have not found one so I thought I would put one on as I have had a problem with my heating. I have had cool heating coming into the car but whilst driving along the road the temp gauge would come down to just above the stop where as before it didnt. So this is why I have done this how to for the stat. If you have similar problems then this is the guide for you. Please feel free to print this off.

First of all you will need to empty the cooling system. This can be done by undoing the red tap at the right hand bottom of the rad. Undo this and release the coolant into a suitable container, do not allow to go down a drain.

Once this has been done you are now ready to start the removal process of the top part of the engine.

1) Firstly remove the throttle linkage from the plenum, also the cruise control if fitted.
2) Undo the EGR vale pipe from the EGR.
3) Remove the two trumpets that are connected to the throttle body.
4) Remove the IACV and unplug.
5) Remove the plug from the rear of the plenum.
6) Remove both coolant hoses from the throttle body.
7) Remove the plug from the front of the plenum/throttle body.
8) Remove Breather hoses from the rear of the black ecotec.
9A) Undo and remove the fuel pipes with care. Use rag under the fuel lines as not to get petrol over any hot surfaces.
9) Remove all other associated hoses or pipes from the plenum.
10) Undo the three torx bolts from the plenum and remove carefully then you will see this.

11) Once you have got this far place rag into the bores of the inlet manifold. This will stop anything dropping into the engine.
12) You are now able to undo the series of torx bolts to remove the inlet manifold. You will be met with this.

13) Remove the rag and place into the bores of the black mounting plate, again to stop anything from dropping into the engine.
14) Once you have got this far you are then able to remove the torx bolts that hold this in place. Removing this helps in removing the thermostat which gives more room.
15) Once you have removed the black mounting plate you now have access to the thermostat. Before you remove this you need to remove the link pipe.
16) Locate the bolt that holds the link pipe to the head. You will find this on the right hand side just under the engine hoist plate. At This point you will find it difficult to get a torx socket and ratchet here so a 10mm spanner is just the right size. Once this is removed you are then able to remove the link pipe.
17) Remove the thermostat and replace with a new thermostat and housing with a new seal.
18) Replace the link pipe seals as well as these can leak when refilling the cooling system with new coolant.

Once you have replaced the thermostat you can now start refitting. The refitting is the same as the removal procedure but remembering to make sure that you use the rag in the bores and you don't trap any of the vac pipes, hoses or cables.

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