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Author Topic: TD - Fitting Performance Chip  (Read 4957 times)

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TD - Fitting Performance Chip
« on: 25 January 2009, 18:36:43 »

This covers the fitting of a chip into the 2.5TD engine management ECU.

10mm socket
T8 torx
T20 torx
ESP strap
Small strong screwdriver
Possibly soldering iron

Wear the ESP strap all the time that any part of the casing is removed!

Remove ECU

Place upside down on table, and using a small strong screwdriver, prise up the 11 tabs around the edge

Turn the right way up and seperate the top half of the casing

Turn the unit upside down again, and using T20 torxdriver, undo the 4 torx screws

Look at connector, you will see 4 T8 torx screws - remove them

Remove ECU boards from the lower half of casing

There are 3 large quick release 'standoffs' holding boards together, and 2 other clips near the ribbon that jons the 2 boards - unclip these.  Then 'unfold' the 2 halves of the ECU. As you unfold, you will see 2 EPROMS on the right hand board (if on left board, turn it round so there are on right board).  The one you need to change is the lower one.  In the pic below, this is the one in the red chip socket, though yours will be a black socket (if its soldered to board, you will need to unsolder the chip, and fit a socket).
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