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Author Topic: Cleaning windscreen washer system  (Read 7496 times)

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Cleaning windscreen washer system
« on: 11 July 2006, 12:16:17 »

Its not uncommon, esp if you don't use much wash additive, for the filter in the washer pump to get clogged.

Never mind, its easy to clean.

If the car is warm, be aware that cooling fans may start! Disconnect battery first!

For prefacelift:
Open bonnett.
Undo 2 torx screws that hold grill on, and unclip grill.
Reach down behind where air intake starts, there are two pumps. Right hand one is larger and is headlamp washer (if fitted). Left hand one is the windscreen one.
Tilt top of windscreen pump towards back of car to unclip, then lift up and withdraw.
Where the pump has come out from, there is a rubber grommet - remove this. (Its likely at this point that the washer bottle will empty through this hole).
This grommet has a built in filter - clean this out under a tap, ensuring it is completely clear.
Refit is the opposite, ensure that grommet and pump are properly seated to stop leaking.

Facelift should be similar, but without needing to remove grill.
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Cleaning windscreen washer system (pictures)
« Reply #1 on: 25 October 2009, 13:21:08 »

I have prepared a few pictures to go with the "Cleaning windscreen washer system" guide at

Administrator will probably want to move this post under the original guide to make it more complete (and move the images to the server).

Omega B 1998 2.0 16V, LHD, windscreen washer only model (without headlamp washer).

A view of the windscreen washer system hidden behind the front fender (reservoir and the pump still installed):

Windscreen washer pump (you don't need to disconnect the wiring harness and water hose unless you intend to take the pump completely out of the car):

Windscreen washer pump:

Windscreen washer pump:

Windscreen washer pump and the black water hose attached to it. Make sure the rubber where the hose is attached to the pump has not decayed too much as this may very well cause leaking.

Rubber grommet and the hole it normally sits in when it is installed:

Rubber grommet (which also acts as a filter preventing dirt particles from being sucked into the pump). Ideally you should always make sure you have clean filtered water and/or cleaning agent when you pour them into the reservoir:

Rubber grommet:

Rubber grommet:
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