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Author Topic: Steering Idler  (Read 6869 times)

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Steering Idler
« on: 14 March 2010, 21:42:52 »

This is the steering idler...

If there is any vertical play in the idler (easily seen if you jack up passenger side, and move wheel in 9/3 oclock plane). The movement you are looking for can be seen in this particularly bad example...

Jack up and support passenger side, and remove wheel.

Turn steering to full right hand lock.

Remove the nut on the idler to centre tie rod ball joint.

Remove nut holding idler to chassis, and pull the idler off it's shaft. For 2.6/3.2, there is a heat shield, note how this is angled so you can refit correctly.

Rotate the idler so the free end (that you have just pulled off the shaft) is pointing to drivers side, in line with centre tie rod.

Wedge a chisel between the idler and centre tie rod (just to produce a small amount of upwards force), then with 2 hammers, clout both sides of the centre tie rod on the taper of ball joint simultaneously, as indicated below (the Marks DTM method ;D)

Will probably take 5 or 6 decent clouts before it pops off. BE CAREFUL OF LAMDA WIRING!

Do not apply grease to the new one, as the movement is within the bush.

Refit is reverse method, all 3 nuts to 60Nm.  For 2.6/3.2, ensure you get the heatshield in the correct place.
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