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Author Topic: How to remove a facelift (double din) radio  (Read 4624 times)

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How to remove a facelift (double din) radio
« on: 21 July 2010, 18:50:30 »

must be the hot weather.

my unit in particlular is the ncdc2013 .

seen quite a few threads requesting help with the removal of the double din units.

on seeing some helpful pics on a similar thread and suffering  the dilemma as not being able to remove my radio, i thought on doing the job i would take some piccys which might be of help to others.

first problem is the crappy keys.

tried the local vauxhall agent who was adamant that the keys were not available on their own and only came with a new radio??

halfords supplied brand it is then.

the keys probably do the job of moving the spring retainers away from the securing cage. the only drawback is, as there is no where to stick your fingers "in" the unit , you are dependant on the keys to draw the unit forward.

the keys should latch onto a small lug, and enable you to draw the unit forward using the pull on the keys only.

the trouble is that the key profile is too poor to do this so a little mod is in order.

one side of the key on both ends can be filed slightly so a to create a nice sharp 90. edge to catch the lug.

on insertion of the key this has to enter "radio side"

next is a piccy of how the pins should engage to remove the unit.

that i feel should be enough to remove the unit, if not, read on...

if you still need further leverage to remove the unit (the securing clips hold the unit in place but other resistance to over come is the fixed power, speaker and ariel plugs)

 then rather that grip by the ash tray edge which as it happens is the most likely place to rip off the front of the radio, remove the side switches which will give you access to the side of the radio.

this will give you plenty of space and additional load bearing surface for careful leverage one side at a time until the radio until its free.

spring edged switches are easily removed using a thin flat blade screwdriver.(the fronts of the switches can come off so care is req'd)

radio and switches removed.(half a hazard switch)

hope the additional info is of help giving confidence that you wont totally wreck a repairable unit on removal!

the permanently expanded cd cartridge which prevented me getting my loaned rick astley cd s out :y

any futher comments and amendments welcome.
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