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Author Topic: How to Remove the Headlining  (Read 3461 times)

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How to Remove the Headlining
« on: 04 August 2010, 09:51:14 »

Right are you sitting comfortably. Good, then i'll begin....

You basically need to strip all the trim from the top half of the car inside.  As i said before, i've done this with a couple of estates, the saloon should be similar.  The headlining is made of a thin fibreglass panel, covered with a thin layer of foam and finally the interior trim fabric. It is quite rigid, but will bend/twist. Be careful not to fold it as it will crease. it is not heavy, and will be more manageable the an estate one, even so an extra pair of hands will be useful.

1. Remove the trim from the base of the b posts, these just pull off.

2. Remove the rear seat base, then fold the rear seat backs. slide the front seats forward, the recline the seat backs as far as you can. this is to get the seats as far out of the way as possible.

3. Remove the trim strip from around the sun roof. just pulls off.

4. Remove the sun visors and sun roof switch panel, (there's a screw hidden behind the control knob for the sun roof). don't forget to remove the sun visor clips as well.

5. Prize out the small panels at the top of the b posts, unplugging any wires. then unscrew the trims and slide them down the belts out of the way.

6. Remove all 4 grab handles, then pull the a post trims away. recover any spring clips and refit them to the trims. doing now makes life easier later.

7. Remove trim from above rear window and then c post trims. as above regarding clips.

8. Have a cuppa. :)

Now for the headlining...

The headling might have a small squre clip in the middle of it. it also sits on small tabs above the doors.

9. Starting at the rear gently pry the headlining fron the body. it should be clear where it is held up. if it has one the clip in the middle can be persuaded out by pressing down from behind the lining. once it is free from above the front doors gently push it forward to release it from above the windscreen. it should just drop down, if it hasn't already...

10. Gently move the headlining out of the car and through the boot.

11. Have another cuppa to appreciate the moment. :y

To quote the book of lies: "refit in the order of removal, bearing in mind the following..."

Lift the headlining up at the front and locate it above the windscreen. then loosely refit the sun visor clips in place to take the weight. then, working back along each side re position the headlining on the tabs either side, and refit the central clip if applicable. then its just a question of refitting all the trim panels in reverse. bish bash bosh, jobs a good 'un :y
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