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Author Topic: V6 Plenum Removal  (Read 7251 times)

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V6 Plenum Removal
« on: 27 September 2010, 11:27:31 »

The following pictures show the DBW (2.6 and 3.2) and the non DBW (2.5/3.0 (note that 2.5 and early 3.0 have shorter plenums though)) variants. Sorry the non DBW is cluttered with LPG stuff



Undo EGR (Non DBW only)
Unplug the EGR connector, and undo the 24mm nut holding EGR to corregated pipe (Dark Blue arrows)

Undo ICV (non DBW only)
Unplug the electrical connector and undo air feed (Dark Red Arrows)

Undo the 'bagpipes' (Both variants)
Undo the large jubilees and pull off the bagpipes from the plenum (light blue)

Remove the 2 coolant pipes to Throttle Body (Both variants)
Remove the 2 coolant hoses pictured in pink. The clips aren't visible in DBW picture, but are easy to access.

Remove TPS connector (Both Variants)
Remove the pluf to Throttle Position Sensor (Red)

Remove Throttle cable(s) (Non DBW only)
The main throttle cable is held on with a spring clip, this needs to be removed, then its just a ball and socket joint. Some are stiff, but I find normally rotating it off works well. Then pull the cable back as far as it will, then remove rubber grammet from mounting bracket (grey arrow).
The cruise cable, if fitted, is held on with an E clip. Remove, and the cruise cable pulls off. Unclip cruise cable from mounting bracket (grey arrow)

Remove 4 pipes at back of plenum (Both variants)
They may or may not have Click-R type clips on. The clips are removed, and the pipes just pull off. They may be stuck, just gently prise if necessary (purple arrow).

Remove the main Vac Hose (Both variants)
This is done but putting a 17mm spanner on the inner nut, and a 19mm on the outer. Hold the 17mm still, and undo with the 19mm.  Do not be tempted to just undo with a 19mm. Lime green arrow.

Remove the 2 bolts securing cabletray (Both Variants)
An 8mm ring spanner may be useful on rear one, if scuttle is not off (dark green arrows).

Undo Plunum bolts (Both Variants)
Remove the 4 plastic caps (if present!) and undo the 4 plenum bolts (yellow arrows)

Rear Multiram (Both Variants)
Lift the rear of the plenum slightly, this should give enough access to remove the rear multiram electrical connector, and the vac pipe to the rear multiram (orange arrow).

Remove pipe under Throttle Body (DBW Only)
Not visible in pictures (approx location shown with black arrow), but gently lift the front of the plenum to gain access to the pipe that runs from the bottom of the throttle body to the FPR. Remove this at the throttle body end.

The plenum should now lift off. Once removed, put some kitchen rolls in the inlet to reduce chances of objects/debris entering the cylinders.

Refit is reverse, but be aware that the plenum bolts are 8Nm only!
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