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Author Topic: Auto gearbox selector switch removal and cleaning  (Read 10345 times)

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Auto gearbox selector switch removal and cleaning
« on: 07 March 2010, 10:06:36 »

Credits to MarksDTMCalib and alenalper

Here are a few pics which might be useful.

The last picture shows how you align the switch before tightening up the bolts (note, this should be done once its on the box, the picture was taken like this just for clarity)

1.      Put the car in neutral.
2.      Remove the selector lever from the mode switch.
3.      Remove the cover.
4.      Loosen the two 10 mm. mounting screws.
5.      By rotating the mode switch you can line up the slot in the mode switch housing with the selector shaft bushing.
6.      Insert a 2,4 mm punch (3/32 in) in the slot.
7.      Tighten the two 10 mm. screws.

Using a multi meter.

1.      Put the car in neutral.
2.      Disconnect the mode switch connector. It’s located in front of the air filter box and it’s the biggest of the three you’ll find there. (black).
3.      Connect a multi meter set to resistance between terminals 1 and 4.
4.      Loosen the two mounting screws of the mode switch and find the range of electrical contact by turning the entire mode switch.
5.      Then fix the mode switch to the middle of that range and tighten the two mounting screws.

This is a link to the original thread here
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  • I might have a link, pic or part number for that
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Pic of selector switch on gearbox
« Reply #1 on: 26 January 2011, 23:02:48 »

Jimbob, Thought this might be useful to add to the selector switch cleaning in maintenance
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