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Not happy with one Omega, a senator and a couple of cavaliers, and always fancying an elite, I decided to buy this:

89k Miles, partial dealer service history up to about 50k, not done too many miles each year, timing belt: was told it was changed 5 Years ago but no reciepts but there is one for it done at 2011.. so I was a bit nervous driving it back 400 miles. also hoping things like the aux belt didn't go after having had very little use.

It behaved impeccably on the drive back, only things I noticed from my check over before buying is lights a bit faded, a little bit of crust starting on rear arches, clunking from F/N/S sounds like a roll bar link, and a slight speed related whine/droan although seemed to go away at 70 odd.

Couple of small dents on chassis leg where it'd probably been jacked by some teenager in a tyre shop plus EML light popped on about 250 miles in, likely the old cat sensor that I also have on my 2.6.

Looks like it's had a touch up on the top of N/S/F wing, paint got spots on it, like acne!

Pretty impressed by the rear electric blind, had a bit of time on the way back to play about with the multi-function display thing, totally different to the one on my 2.6. Couldn't reset the average mpg, it was at 24 when I left and slowly started incrementing up by 0.1 increments to 25, but calculating the fuel I used and miles I got around about 35mpg on trip back.

Looks very nice indeed.👍

Lizzie Zoom:
It looks very good  :y :y

Nice, very nice!  :y
yes does look very nice indeed.the acne spots do seem to affect some of the silver ones but usually on the horizontal panels like bonnet roof or boot. yours looks pretty faultless.
what cavaliers have you got ? mk1 ? ?


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