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Whats Your Current Fuel Price?

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Field Marshal Dr. Opti:
I paid 186.9p.... :-X

Same garage  199.9p for derv and 109.9p (I think) for LPG.

Migv6 le Frog Fan:
Esso Witham today. 174 and 5ppl off in exchange for 300 nectar points.
People were queueing to get in.

Sir Tigger QC:
Brent Crude has declined recently on talk of a global recession and in volatile trading was as 'low' as $97.52 yesterday.

Currently $104.23, so hopefully we'll see prices fall at the pumps in the near future.  ::)

I won't hold my breath on that though.......  :-\

Doctor Gollum:
The A3 services at Ripley were back below 2 a litre on the way past this afternoon. 0.01 below, but that's a start :)

Diesel is stubbornly stuck at 1.99.9 around here, except for Asda at 1.95.7.


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