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Whats Your Current Fuel Price?

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Field Marshal Dr. Opti:

--- Quote from: Sir Tigger QC on 01 March 2022, 12:48:23 ---I saw 1.58 yesterday for diesel.  :(

--- End quote ---

You'll pay an extra 3-10p a litre for lorry fuel. :)

1.479 for the dirty stuff yesterday. Petrol was the same.

143.9p and 147.9p at the local Sainsburys this morning.

Although I was just there for the Maccy's at 3.99-a-go  :y


--- Quote from: Mr Skrunts on 01 March 2022, 12:31:23 ---The media are at it again scaring people with fuel prices. :-X

They have posted pictures in Doncaster of large queue's

--- End quote ---
Oh Christ, all it needs now is a rumour that the Ruskis make bog roll....


--- Quote from: Viral_Jim on 01 March 2022, 13:11:34 ---Although I was just there for the Maccy's at 3.99-a-go  :y

--- End quote ---
:o, even the cardboard costs 3.99 now? :o


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