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Track rods

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good price.he has a few sets and qh should be good quality . ive just bought a pair now for stock
offered 10 each and was accepted too so thats a full set for  20 free postage too.

Cheers, Chris! Prompted by the talk of track rods, did a search, and ended up with one sealed/ boxed Febi complete assembly off Amazon for 5.30 :y. With free next day delivery, it arrived today - a bit of a bargain!!

dave the builder:
It is a good time to buy stock of parts ,they are dirt cheap while mainstreem stockists try to dump old stock for 19+ year old cars like the Omega
 prices will increase when the only sellers are specialist "classic parts suppliers" 
always good to get a bargain  :)
and if you have a spare , the original part never fails  :D
thats true !
yes now is the time to stock up on omega parts. to be honest i think we have actually left it a tad TOO late realy as some stuff are getting harder to source now .i got my stash of viva/cav bits years ago and am glad i did as finding an exhaust now is impossible.(a proper one anyway)
how easy will it be to get omega exhausts in 10 or so years time .or cambelt kits or engine sensors ?


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