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I think I've said it previously - I started putting together nos stock Triumph parts in the late 80's when they were relatively plentiful and cheap. How glad am I that I did - many are not now available even through 'specialists', and the quality of remanufactured or reproduction parts is questionable to say the least. Others in the Club probably thought at the time I was wasting my 'hard earned', as I wasn't flush anyway, but the number of requests I get now as to whether I have parts, makes all the auto jumbles and garage clear outs I visited worthwhile. I haven't had to buy any Triumph parts from 'specialists' for any of my Triumphs I still own, having stocks of most genuine parts that I need. Any parts that I know I am not likely to use (ie not applicable to the models I have, or I have surplus of) are available for other Club members, but at their current worth.
I have a reasonable stock of new GM Omega parts, not to the same extent as Triumph parts, but combined with the breakers I have, they will hopefully keep me going for the foreseeable  :y
Haven't got a serviceable fuse box lid retaining strap in them though....::) ;D
i looked at mine and as you say there should be a strap on it. never knew.
i assume it holds it at 90deg .but there does seem no issue with it going right down and out of the way so il probably not make one for it.
as regards your truimph parts then yes you did right.similar to me and my bits.
every saturday morning( more or less) was a trip to local scrappys to see what they had and i always came back with a pile of bits .(give us a fiver mate) was the usual price !.
should have done it with omegas when my brother got his in 2005 but i didnt know id get one myself later on(2015).
ebay now is the best bet. mind you ebay is the best place to buy absolutely anything. not so good for selling but great for buying !

Doctor Gollum:
The strap is as much to keep it off your feet in an accident. It may well be padded, but the edge will happily break bone in an impact.


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