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3.2 was running lumpy, not now.

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Hi all, I would  just like to say thanks for all the advice on my latest purchase running issues, ie running lumpy.  I did renew Plugs/Coil Packs/Cam cover gaskets and even bought a new Thermostat.  Now I need some more help in getting someone to do a Cam belt/Water pump change, too much for me to attempt. I live in Feltham,  nr Heathrow . Daz, Darth Loo nee done  one for me about 17 years ago. A point in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

If you get the parts I will gladly assist in about ten days (once Iíve got Migalots auto box etc sorted)   

Iím about 30 miles from you, and still have all of the cambelt tools for these cars :y

Hi James , I have ordered the Cam belt kit and water pump, and have messaged you direct with my contact details.  Thanks

Thanks, got it. Let me know when the parts arrive :y
whats the theory on doing the water pump at the same time as obviously its nothing to do with a  cambelt change.wasnt it mentioned on here by someone that decent pumps are now harder toget and best leaving a working pump alone until required ?
whats your current thinking on this .


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