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Clunk from front suspension

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I have had a issue with a rattle from the front of my MV6 when driving on rough roads. It would stop when I touched the brakes. I changed the caliper slide pins that have stopped the rattle. But if I hit a pot hole/drain cover I get a clunk from the front. Should there be a gap below the front strut mount top hat in the engine bay? it is about 5mm. It had Bilstein struts & eibach springs fitted.

Doctor Gollum:
A clunk suggests broken, worn or loose. Further investigation is required  :)

Migv6 le Frog Fan:
Check droplinks first. Clunking from the front suspension is more often than not, droplinks.

Everything was replaced about a 2 years ago. Have checked on a 4 post lift and nothing is broken. Have checked all bolts and re torqued all of them. Drop links look ok. Is it normal to have the gap under the front strut top hat?

Doctor Gollum:
Yes when new.

If you jack one side, that topmount should drop slightly.


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