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Mr Skrunts:
26th Oct I ordered a cordles Sonic Sanding thing - Was left outside with out a knock on the door.

Then ordered a CPU cooler - no knock on the door but left outside - packeage not boxed or bagged - No seal or cellafane wrapping,  Parts missing from delivery. (Sorted immediately over the phone)

Reordered a AIO Cooler due for delivey by 10PM Friday (Today)  saw an email saying it was delivered at 5:11pm last night.  no knock on the door and no item left outside .

Been on to Amazon Customer Services.  Been passed round a bit from 1 department to another - currently waiting for someone to get back to me before 7pm.

Whilst on FB our local village forum had quite a few posts regards Amazon, some throwing items over the fence, 1 said they had a note could not deliver due to an issue, 1 dumped behind a bin even though they were at home, and 2 more saying shown as delivered but never recieved thier package.

Evri has a complaints page on FB and the reports are shocking, our village has nothing but praise for the local delivery team, but whilst my driver was on holiday, my neighber caught the stand in driver takeing a pic of the package and then picking it up - thier excuce was they were putting it in a safer place.  When my usual driver returned they said the standin drivers were stealing allsorts but was hard to prove.

Doctor Gollum:
Another situation of our own making.

Migv6 le Frog Fan:
Just report the items as not delivered and demand a refund. Seemples.

Doctor Gollum:
Amazon is a shitty company. And because of its market position has no incentive to improve.

Evri isn't any better but only exists because of the scale of Amazon.

UPS might be more expensive to use but there's a reason for that.

Mr Skrunts:

--- Quote from: Migv6 le Frog Fan on 24 November 2023, 10:22:07 ---Just report the items as not delivered and demand a refund. Seemples.

--- End quote ---

I do, the cooler I bought last week 29.90 was an istant refund, someone had nicked the fitting kit and dual fans.

But this is why I pay ny Paypal and funded from my Credit Card, If Amazon dont send a replacent or do a refund (This one is 129.99) then I will pursue one of the 2 payment methods.

Its that 1% of drivers that is pissing me off that dont give a fig about thier job.


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