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Title: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: Lookitt on 26 February 2021, 19:26:36

sorry, I'm French, my english is perhaps not good.

I've problem with my NCDC2015 from Omega 3.2 Executive (2001). The screen became totaly black, theres' no information of Tuner/GPS/Board Info etc... but the sound works.

I'didn't found same problem in forum. Someone had same problem ?

Where do you think the problem could come from and what should be done?  :-\
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: VXL V6 on 26 February 2021, 19:34:14
Is it a colour or monochrome screen?

If Monochrome (GID) it could be the illumination bulbs in the rear


If Colour (CID) I would say the LCD panel has failed, normally they do not fail in that way though.

Either way I would remove the instrument cluster and try re-seating the single connector (GID) or two connectors (CID) on the back of the screen (** Do not turn the ignition on with the instrument cluster removed **). If screen is the Monochrome (GID) screen it would also be worth replacing the illumination bulbs why you have access.
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: Lookitt on 26 February 2021, 20:17:35
It's a color screen.

at first, the screen went off but the sound worked. Then it came back after a few minutes. Little by little, it started working again less frequently. Then it never came back. Today the radio works only on one channel. Unable to change channel the commands no longer respond. The sound volume is working.
I pulled the radio out of its slot and put it back. the problem is still here.

I will try to access the screen connections but since I can no longer change the channels I have the impression that there is another problem. Or the screen shows information that I cannot see.

Thanks VXL V6
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: johnnydog on 27 February 2021, 01:15:51
Just whilst its on my mind - I think your English is very very good  - excellent actually!
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: TheBoy on 27 February 2021, 19:37:10
Bonjour mon ami.

If the radio is starting to play up again, it could be the EEPROM needs reprogramming - starting to see that fault a bit now on these.

The black screen, is it black as if there is no power, or looks powered, but nothing on the screen.  It can be a subtle difference.

I would certainly check the connections of the 2 plugs at the back of the colour display.
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: Lookitt on 21 April 2021, 12:25:02
Hello TheBoy

Thank you for your informations. The problem has evolved since the last time. In addition to the black screen, I only have ON / OFF, the sound controls and one radio channel that I can't change. Everything else don't works. I took it to Opel but it's impossible to make a diagnostic with the TechII. All the fuses are good in the car, but I haven't looked if the station has one. Is that the case ? I ordered extraction keys to take it apart and watch. I am also thinking of completely changing the model. Are there modern stations that can be adapted with the Bose System?


Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: TheBoy on 23 April 2021, 17:22:03
Tech2 can can view what the radio thinks its being asked to do, such as see which buttons are being pressed.

Do the steering wheel buttons work, but not those on radio? If so, be suspicious of the connector that holds the front panel on.  If not, I think I'd be reflashing the Code Index back to it (which also reflashes the non Nav firmware) - these are prone to the EEProms not retaining data for so long now.

Nothing else works with Bose, so you would need to replace amp and speakers.  If you dont need the amp and subwoofer, you will need a wiring mod on the cabin loom - simple enough.

Also, nothing will work with the screen, so to use fuel computer functions, you will need a MID, and MID compatible wiper stalk, and some minor behind dash wiring.
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: TheBoy on 23 April 2021, 17:22:55
I'd offer to Tech2 it for you, but:

a) its a hell of a journey ;D
b) foreign travel currently banned ;D
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: Doctor Gollum on 23 April 2021, 17:42:25
It's an essential journey  ;)
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: Lookitt on 25 April 2021, 01:35:59
Really, thanks for your time about my problem.

When Opel guys connected TechII, they can't read noting at all. I'don't understand why ?
Maybe the connexion is fautly ?...

So, yes the steering wheel buttons work, but only volume, not the changing channel of radio. The volume button on the radio works, also On / Off. All others buttons don't work.
The screen still totaly black, there isn't any light. I think the problem between the sreen and the lack of control and operation is the same.

I've extracted the station, do you see something wrong on the picture ? Which connector do you think ?
I think, it's worth fixing it, I want to keep it. Someting make a nose when I take it and spin it around, I'll open it and take a picture.

PS : It's a NCDC2013 and not 2015, I can't modify the title of the post.

Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: TheBoy on 25 April 2021, 09:58:30
If the steering wheel buttons dont work fully, doubt issue is front board.

I would suggest the next step is a reset of the unit - with the radio on, press and hold CLEAR for 7s, and you will hear it restart, assuming the clear button is operational.

If that fails, pull the unit out (or disconnect the battery) for 15mins - if your flash is corrupted, this might put it in SAFE mode however, which needs a Tech2 and carpass to re-pair it.
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: Lookitt on 25 April 2021, 12:13:24
I forgot to specify it, I had already reset with the Clear button.
Moreover, this implies that the clear button works because I hear the reset being done. But Nothing changes.

I've connected the station this morning (>15 Min), nothing, changes. Now, I Can't take it out anymore >:( >:(
I've been trying to get it out with the extraction keys for 1 hour, there is nothing to do.

I've to find a TechII, but why Opel can't read with the TechII ?  ???

I am desperate. Never mind.
Thank you anyway for your help.  :-\
Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: TheBoy on 25 April 2021, 16:39:35
The NCDC (like any double DIN unit) do stick in their cages a little, making them challenging to get out.  Good quality extraction keys help, ie not the Autoleads and similar ones.  Some members have made a hook to grab the main chassis of the unit through the CD changer slot, but unless you've seen one apart, its impossible to describe where to hook onto, and most likely you'll end up hooking the actual CD Changer, or worse still, the front panel.

Under no circumstances pull on the front panel, it will easily break.

With good keys, you should feel them latch on, and as you pull the keys apart, should be very hard to pull the keys out.  So with the keys latched on, pull them apart and outwards, but also try to shake them a bit, to wiggle the unit slightly in its cage to break the sticktion.

When you eventually get it out, before refitting, give it a wipe over with a silicone spray and spray inside the cage, the sort of thing used on plastic ccurtain rails, like

Obviously, avoid getting on the connectors or the facia.

As for why Opel are having such difficulty, I can't comment.  Here in the UK, Vauxhall dealer technicians are usually working at a franchised dealership because they can't get a job anywhere else.  That, added to the relative rarity of the Omega makes dealers useless here for Omegas.

As the screen is completely blank, as if its not getting power, I assume you have already checked on the fuses?  If not, the display use powered through:
Fuse 2 (15A)
Fuse 15 (20A)
Fuse 12 (20A)  << Also powers the NCDC

Title: Re: NCDC 2015 - Black Screen
Post by: Lookitt on 25 April 2021, 21:18:55
Thanks again TheBoy to help me.
I'll test again tomorrow. I'had looked all fuses of NCDC before yes.

When I'will extract it, I'will open it, because something make a noise inside when I shake it
Thanks again, it's cool  :y