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Thanks again.

So the noise I was hearing when I turned the rear driving wheel back and forth when on a jack stand could it still indicate the box, differential or did they use something like a U-joint in the main drive shaft assembly.

Cheers. :y

in true omega tradition, a thump when engaging drive means time to service box fluid, but a clunk implys metal on metal banging type noise...?
I had the rear drive wheel on a jack today free and clear.  When I moved it I could hear a play type noise from almost under the middle of the chassis.

Thanks Chrisgixer for quick reply.

I am planning to do the Transmission and differential oil change.  What you call the box in UK (Transmission or differential), I know it has other connotations as well  ;)

I have a 2001 Catera base model (I believe equivalent to an Omega B Saloon Model 3.0L V6) with about 160,000km or 100,000 miles.

I have lately started noticing a clunk noise when I shift from park to reverse and then from reverse to drive, normal backing out of one's driveway.

Do the Cateras have a Universal joint or yoke assembly that can be replaced as I was told my universal joint may be going?

I have searched and rockauto as well as acdelco but cannot find a part number.

Any help in comments as to the following,

- Safety or driveability wise how serious is this issue
- Fix suggestion with part number (Vauxhall number is OK)  if possible please
- Is it a home repair for a hobbyist some some tools with jack and jack stand

Regards and I will be happy to clarify if it is not clearly described.   :-[

May you be so kind to update and tell the end of the issue and what fixed it.  I have similar item I am chasing on a Cadillac Catera here in Canada.  Thanks.

Can't find it anywhere in my Haynes!

2001 Cadillac Catera V6 3.0L GM spec is 18 Ft Lbs or 25 NM as alluded to by the friend above.


Omega General Help / Re: Oil filter housing torque value
« on: 21 May 2010, 01:55:04 »

I can't find information about the torque value of the oil filter housing for later V6 motors.A huge HEX bolt fixes the house to the cylinder block.Does anybody know this value?So I need the torque value for the whole house (bolt) not the house cover.

If it helps from my Notes on the 2001 Cadillac Catera V6 3.0L

  - The bolt that holds the housing to the block needs a 12mm hex head (allen key) bit to remove/ replace it. The bolt is hollow so don't lose anything inside it!

  -  33ft/pounds or 45 NM for the filter housing

  -  and 11ft/pounds or 15 NM for the cap.  The cover/ cap is shaped to take a 24mm socket.

Additionally, Torx size for sump drain plug: T40


Exactly, spot on.

and if you have the 2 rotor holding Allen headed smaller bolts too,

The people who managed this car had everything jammed tight and head was stripped when I tried to remove the rotor.

The shock bolts were too rusted to be rescued.

Elite Pete I need help.

I am in Canada but need help with two bolts with washers I don't seem to be able to source here.

These are the Shock Absorber to nukle bolts in the rear with following spec,

2 x 11098701  BOLT,RR S/ABS(M14X1.5X85.6)
2 x 90468511  WASHER,RR S/ABS(7.389)      

In the above "11098701" is the closest I can find a part number for the bolts and 90468511 for the washers.

I will be obliged and pay for price + S/H if you can accommodate.

Regards and wonderful site.

PS:  Tried eBay nothing to be found.

No problem and thanks.

You got to do something about the squirrel, it is one day going to perforate your perfectly virgin eardrum  ;D ;D ;D

Elite Pete don't forget my Shock Absorber bolts if you can also get me two Allen screws that hold the brake rotor to the hub.


Omega Gallery / Re: New modifications of my Omega
« on: 26 June 2010, 14:58:21 »
Wonderful work and great to see your driving skills and prowness from you at the slide/burn meet from your linked page.  You got one brave friend that you were dancing/burning around within feet of.

Salutes :D

I'm at this one on Friday, god help me ;D
Suprisingly, I haven't got a hangover. ::)

 I did my best to drink the place dry but don't think I even made a chink in it. There were some fantastic names to the beers but since i've slept I cant remember one of them, oh and there's something wrong with me, there's an awful intermitant noise and smell emitting from my lower regions. Wife says if it happens again i'm sleeping in the shed :(
::) probably the Catalytic converter is shot ;D ;D ;D

Don't sit near an open flame or light a match ;D ;D ;D

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