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Maybe someone know how to check or have diagrams.. im not sayin that ecu is 100 % correct. Just want to start this thing  :D

No changes . Original key and chip. Just tried to reprogram it with My "My Naff Code Reader". In immo live data shows that key is ok,  signal transmitted, signal correct and so on. Like i said, just one thing…  Request from engine - not received.. i tried different ecu ant immo  just to look if it gets engine request,but nothing..  same issue.. i think there is maybe problem with wires, but im not professional eletric, so i dont know everything how to check correctly. I cant even find diagrams , maybe then it gonna be easier somehow  ???

Hi guys!! I have problem. My omega with 2.5 DTi (Y25DT) FL engine not starting,just cranking. Connected my "My Naff Code Reader" and in Engine module its P1613 error. ( immobiliser wrong or no signal) . In Immobiliser module fault is B3059 (No engine request) i tried to change the signal wire from immo to ecu. Pin 7 i guess, not working, still same problem.  Fault code i get when i turn ignition on. Maybe someone have diagrams or something that would help me?

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