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Well the alarm keeps going off every so often on my pfl MV6.

I have removed the power sounder thinking it was that but once activated with the remote central locking, it sounded again after about 15 mins. Obviously canít keep the car locked as it goes off, sometimes in the night.

What could this be down to? Thought taking the power sounder out would stop it.

Incidentally I noticed that one of the horn buttons on the steering wheel doesnít work.

Any pointers anyone?

Cars for Sale & wanted / Wanted - pfl 3.0 Elite - why
« on: 30 April 2021, 16:36:41 »
Iím looking for a stable mate for my pfl MV6 so thought Iíd look for a pfl Elite.

Condition and mileage not too important. Most things considered

Iím located East Yorkshire, so prefer something than Dorset or Inverness

General Discussion Area / Wanted ad
« on: 30 April 2021, 15:27:43 »
Iím looking to put a wanted ad - apparently I need 250 posts but have 205, yet I see Newbies posting on the for sale/wanted?

Is there something I need to do (other than another 45 posts) to be able to access that section?

Omega Gallery / Pfl - MV6
« on: 25 March 2021, 22:16:50 »

Playing with pics as not uploaded anything before - trying my IT skills out 😌

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Puk code
« on: 23 February 2021, 19:14:45 »
Evening - just rendered codes on my CCRT700 after having battery connected.

Itís asking for a PUK code - where do I find this as wish to use the car phone  ?

Iíve got all the code cards etc....


Omega General Help / Cam belt - age over mileage?
« on: 23 February 2021, 13:18:14 »
Just checking on the cam belt on my car that I acquired back and put back on the road late last year.

Iíve an invoice from February 2009 for full kit replacement.

The mileage in that time has only gone from 52700 then to about 56650 now

Am I on borrowed time as the belt is 12 years old but hardly turned a wheel?

Appreciate they can degrade over time.

I guess the stock answer is if in any doubt to replace it 🤷🏼‍♂️

General Car Chat / Pre facelift Omega MV6 back from bodywork
« on: 12 February 2021, 20:44:29 »
Just got my MK1 Omega MV6 back from paint shop today.

Tidied arches, rear door shut panels and door bottoms.

20 yrs of colour Champagne hard to match but Iím pleased enough.

At 56k miles, leather, CRT700 head set and full paperwork it was worth doing 😊

Does anyone know where you can get the black arch transfers/stickers from?

General Car Chat / Omega MV6 recommissioned
« on: 24 September 2020, 21:35:11 »
Well finally got S613BNP back on road.

Got an MOT this week, previous one Feb 2013. Will probably tax it from start of October

At 56k miles thereís plenty of life in the old girl.

Getting used to driving a manual is weird after a few years of automatic cars.

Few bits to do on bodywork to make perfect, and refurb wheels.

Champagne & black leather - nice 90s combination  ;)

Omega General Help / Bolting back on Coolant pipe
« on: 03 September 2020, 19:03:18 »
I guess someone has successfully bolted back on the coolant transfer pipe? 🥴

I got the new thermostat transfer pipe from Yankee land. Fitted into thermostat housing ok and bracket is more or less in right place to accept bolt.

Iíve dropped 3 bolts down the bottom of engine bay (not reappeared on garage floor). Just no room to get angle on it.

Seems to me the only way is to remove the hydraulic pipe thatís fouling the bolt hole. Obviously will loose all the fluid from the reservoir in doing so 🤔🤔

Any suggestions gratefully received 

Omega General Help / Ridiculous insurance costs
« on: 02 September 2020, 19:39:38 »

Has anyone got a good insurance company/quote

Obviously my NCD is used elsewhere on my daily motor.

Iíve tried Lancaster insurance today as my Mk1 Golf GTi is with them.

The Omega (1999 MV6) is over 20 years old but they came back with about £1,100 premium.
They quote that its not a classic etc.

Any members got a good insurance deal & who with.

So well into my strip down to get to the stricken O/S head gasket.

Couple of things / observations / problems that Iím sure someone has been there before me....

1. Bit worried No2 sprocket has turned one ďflipĒ as I used my torx socket to see how loose the sprocket bolts might be (no cam belt on) without holding the 24mm spanner to the cam shaft  :-[😬. I ďthinkĒ Iíve sorted it by turning it one flip the other way and the Red cam lock fits in between 1 & 2 now. Do these cam locks only fit in one position relative to sprockets 1 & 2 ?

2. Seemingly reasonable oil leak at front - perhaps front oil seal Iím thinking - easy to fix I assume whilst engine stripped down to get to head gasket  🤔

3. Taken water pump off - lots of crap in the block as it drained what was left  - can you flush it with a hose pipe up the water pump orifice?

4. Took me all my strength to turn the crank clockwise - had to use a length of scaffold pole for leverage. I took out the o/s head spark plugs to lower the compression which worked then. Seems fairly free now. Car has been sat neatly 2 years without turning over, waiting attention,  so worried it was seized - I think it must be freed off.

Hey ho - Onwards and upwards - many thanks in advance if anyone has comments on above

Omega General Help / Changing head gasket - locking tools?
« on: 02 June 2020, 19:59:47 »
If Iím changing head gasket and cam belt/tensioner set, water pump etc, do I need to get the locking tools; the red & green sprocket locks and the water pump lock?

See these on eBay for £40 but do I need them ?


Omega General Help / Gasket sealant ?
« on: 12 April 2020, 09:26:22 »
Iím working on replacing the head/associated gaskets set on my 3.0 MV6

Is it advisable / not advisable to use any gasket sealant or just put them on dry?

I would intend to polish up the surfaces with wet/dry paper before refitting.


General Car Chat / Oh well Iíve started now...
« on: 11 April 2020, 19:42:53 »
After months of deliberating (on & off) and given the extra time most of us have on our hands now, I thought Iíd replace the headgaskets on my Pre facelift Omega MV6 as O/S 1st cylinder compression all gone. Plus Iíll replace thermostat/housing/water pump/ cam belt / good service

Got as far as stripping engine to a point where I can remove the ďtrumpetsĒ

If I knew how to add photos Iíd post a few 😄

Stay safe everyone 👍👍

Omega General Help / Head gasket, transfer pipes & thermostat
« on: 05 April 2020, 21:09:18 »
Ok my 3.0 MV6 (pre facelift 1999) has been sat in my drive long enough.

Itís done 113k, but will need recommissioning all round + tyres (4) + exhaust+brake discs/pads and then a good service. Thatís what I know anyway subject to MOT.

Defo failed headgasket at front cylinder on the left bank as very low compression compared to others.

Think with this spare time I have presently Iím thinking of giving it a go myself to fix. The car maybe not be cost effective to do on face of it but theyíre getting quite rare now and far too good to break/scrap.

Iíve done some research and will sort out a torque wrench and torx set sockets etc.

Question - is there any recommended particular part suppliers for the gasket sets, transfer pipes, water pump  thermostat & housing. Iíll also replace the cam belt & tensioner. ?

Wanted good quality ones as donít want to do it all again in couple of years.

Thanks in advance

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