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Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Kinda noob 3.2 Elite owner
« on: 19 December 2021, 12:57:43 »
Hello and welcome back to the forum.


Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hello from Bradford
« on: 19 December 2021, 12:56:24 »
Hello and welcome to the forum.


Newbie Welcome Area / Re: newbie
« on: 19 December 2021, 12:55:47 »
Hello and welcome to the forum.


General Car Chat / Re: What could have been...
« on: 19 December 2021, 12:54:44 »
Wow, that does look good.
Really like the frameless design around the doors.

Omega General Help / Re: Car cover recommendations
« on: 02 December 2021, 11:06:26 »
I have one for my kit car that I got from car builder solutions. A good source, I think. They are about 50, price varies with size. If the car is outside, I estimate the cover will last no more than 2 years. The cheaper ones are UV'ed to shreds much quicker.

Omega General Help / Re: Mot fail
« on: 04 November 2021, 14:30:40 »
Thanks Nick, that's just what I was looking for.
To the OP, 120 for a welding quote sounds very reasonable.
Good luck!

Omega General Help / Re: Mot fail
« on: 04 November 2021, 12:49:52 »
Hi Nick,
Could you please confirm the flare type and the fittings required the the trailing arm pipes listed earlier. I agree that 37 includes a fair dose of profit, but it's knowing which parts you need that is the tricky bit. Any recommendations on a suitable inexpensive flaring tool would also be appreciated.

I have a Kielder impact rated for 430Nm which I have been mightily impressed with. Certainly whizzed off the above hub nut (X2) after about a second.
I tried all my local tool hire places but no one had one. In the end I did order a suitably rated torque wrench from Amazon. It was the cheapest one that would do 350Nm (65) Unfortunately it was so poorly constructed I really didn't trust it enough to use. The adjustment grounched and ground. It was horrible. I Always like the idea of doing a job properly but I just couldn't get the bearing tight enough on the car, even using a 3/4" breaker bar which is longer than the torque wrench. In the end I used the above Kielder in 3 or 4 short bursts, checking between each. It nipped it up fine.
I would like to get a decent torque wrench, but I'm not sure much I will have to pay to get something worth having. Trying to balance that against how often I will use it is difficult. My main Torque wrench which Is one of the typical Sealey types and goes up to around 220nm and will do almost everything on the car.
For anyone thinking of getting an cordless impact wrench, I would offer one piece of advice. Don't go for the larger models that typically offer 700 Nm or thereabouts. They are probably fine for wheel nuts, but much too bulky to use them under the car. You just can't get in on any of the nuts.

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hello from Israel (2002 2.6L Omega)
« on: 18 September 2021, 17:39:54 »
Hello Eyal and welcome to the OOF.

What are the Pedders HD top mounts, a souped up version?
I did the front polys, but not the rear subframe bushes. Didn't think about those tbh. Do they often go?
I also considered the Kilen springs as they are for the LSC aren't they? What's your verdict on those?

Just had a check and the bill for parts on mine is 950 including the tyres. So a bit up on what you spent. Not sure if prices for such items are gradually going up or it's just about what is available when you are looking. I also do try to go for better quality (value really i'm looking for) where possible. Even so, for the money spent it is a hell of a car.
Our friends with newer cars and PCP's are depreciating or spending more than that in a very few months.
The other factor is except for changing the rear hub and bearing I have enjoyed doing it.  :y

I have to say that since I only paid 450 for the car, close on 2 years ago it does take a bit of a leap to decide to commit the money to try and do this properly. Before i spent any money I got a new MOT for it at my local friendly garage who allowed me to have a bit of a look underneath. I didn't want to make a start on all of the above if it was rotten under the underseal. Fortunately it looks fairly good. The sill ends into the arch look like they may need a bit of work at some point and I will get on to that fairly soon.
I like the idea of preserving a car. It's my third Omega and I've always liked them so why not. I thought if I didn't grab one soon it might become increasingly difficult to find one in half decent condition.
Even in the last two years, I think prices have been firming up noticeably. Not that I'm doing this for the money obviously.


Hi all, been after one of these for a while. Anyone got one to move on?

Difficult to do but I think folks would be staggered if they could compare a typical 100K miles saggy Omega with a newly fettled one.
As the work takes time and the improvements incremental, it is difficult to fully appreciate just how much has changed.
I'm certainly not disappointed.
Thanks for all the positive comments.

Hi Johnny,
Yes, good question. Before i booked I had a chat with Joe about what they do and he repeated a lot of the comments I'd first read here about a modified set-up. what he said was in essence, it's not the target settings that are the problem, but the allowed tolerance. They have tightened this in one or two areas and he said they have found this improves the resistance to front edge feathering.
I was particularly keen to ensure I was getting a premium service before booking as I have a decent journey too, I'm in Shropshire. As a bit of a test, i asked him does he adjust the front castor by slightly re-positioning the front subframe to suit. I understand that although not directly adjustable, castor can be optimised this way. He simply answered that though this was possible they have found that once the other adjustments have been made, the castor usually drops straight back on the nose. That was precisely what happened with my car. i was impressed and with the waiting room right next to the Hunter rig, I could watch how he carefully got the figures to be correct. He did not just get them in the green. That was what I was looking for.
Having said that, I would be pleased to hear how you get on the NW, that would be a lot closer to me too. Although i hope I won't have to do it again for a while.

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