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General Discussion Area / I love my wife
« on: 08 November 2016, 18:39:13 »
Hi all,

not too long ago missus and me went to buy a kitchen furniture, table and chairs that fit to each others. In the shop we had a long discussion about furniture colour, more accurately the subject was the colour of valance. Finally she persuaded me to buy THAT one what she liked. Today I saw all the valance covered by some thin blanket  :o :o :o the explanation is "to avoid to be worn" . What is the point of choosing any valance ...  :D :D :D When I asked, my dear released a wonderful smile, whipped away without any more comment.  ::) ::) ::)

Omega General Help / Water dropping beside the gearbox
« on: 26 April 2015, 17:59:55 »
Hi all,

question as above, some dropping or slight leaking that I noticed coming from a small pipe locating beside the gearbox. This is a pipe end with no plug  even not a place where I can connect I know also nothing about function of it... ??? Could you give me any advice, please?


Laszlo, Hungary

General Discussion Area / Career advice - what to do now?
« on: 27 December 2014, 16:30:29 »
I've been working as land rig (onshore) electrician for 8 yrs now and company management forgot me all the times when salary was rising or we got a good contract in the Near East, I must have stayed everytime at home as "the number one spare" they said. Well, nowadays we seem to be being less'n less day by day and today this process could off to a final stage as my rig manager gave me a call offering me a deputy chief electrician position because the engineer who owned this, suddenly did quit. I have no illusions about this situation and know well, that it is just a temporary state that takes not too long. Plus I have candidated to a Midlle East drilling company for a rig electrician position in the end of October as I was really not satisfyed in my actual role and salary. Needless to say in Abu Dhabi possible I will get six times money to Hungarian one not to mention other benefits...Some electrician guy from Croatia and Poland who also had been on the interview sent me a mail that they got job visa in normal post letter and I also have a warning post card to take a confidental letter in the nearest post office... To be a Chief Electrician here a bit better than to work somewhere else, the money is not so good though...

What the hell to do?  ???

General Discussion Area / Nickname
« on: 27 December 2014, 15:59:42 »
Hi all,

my father in law told me this about the nickname of one of his colleagues, whos nickname is "The child" . Well, when this guy used to be ten yrs old he'd got really big size foot that was actually 45. (For comparising my size now is 42 that counts average) Once his mother tried to buy to him a pair of shoes and for the question of seller about the proper size she answered " What size? A child size, of course."   ;D

Do you have a good story about origin of a nick?

Merry Christmas anyway!

Laszlo, Hungary

General Discussion Area / Misunderstanding
« on: 27 October 2014, 12:22:20 »
Just got a call from Quatar with a new job opportunity and the other side of line was a guy with very strange dialect (arabic maybe) I'm being not native speaker so this interview was a real pain and became a nightmare soon when the guy told me "not a big dildo???  Errmm....What the hell... :-\ after some question turned out that he told me "not a big deal though" ...  ;D

Have you ever been in similar situation during a job interview?  :)

General Car Chat / Airride question
« on: 21 August 2014, 20:51:22 »
Hi folks,
just been thinking of installing an airride system as eco as possible but I am hooked by compressor all the time, which is "special, developed for airride only"  :o Why so special is it? The system needs simply high pressure air, I wonder whether I can apply something cheaper/smaller unit to ensure proper pressure or there is something really special condition about which I know nothing, therefore it hasn't made me any sense... :-\  Any advice warmly welcomed!  :)


Omega General Help / Coolant reservoir plastic cap
« on: 07 August 2014, 21:03:52 »
Hi all,
not too long ago I purchased a second hand coolant reservoir with cap included as my old one got a smaller leaking at it's neck. Well, replaced but a definiate difference there is between the two kind of plastic caps  :-\ whether it was a diesel's cap?  ??? How important to use petrol cap in petrol engine and why is this difference? Might it be harmful if I didn't fit proper cap?

Any advice warmly welcomed!


8 I can't start engine, after 5 - 10 minutes waiting it starts as usual though.  :-\ Code is "EML fault" I found nothing when checked it. Engine ecu starts going to rubbish?  ???

Any advice welcomed mates!


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Knock sensor failure?
« on: 22 July 2014, 06:38:44 »
Hi all, sometimes  EML is spontanously on, knock sensor low voltage, the connections seem good there any other way to check them or do I have to swap at once? Really annoying that I cant accelerate usually when I need to do it most. Any advice welcomed!

Laszlo,  Hungary

General Discussion Area / Somebody with no fingerprint
« on: 23 June 2014, 12:50:52 »
It's me, turned out when I'd tried to renew my expired passport and I had to order a new biometric one. The fingerprint reader couldn't find any identifiable charachter on my fingers  though :o Not just found a few ones but didn't find at all. Official said that I needed minimum two acceptable print per hand I couldn't show any at all...So he offered me a one year temporary passport.  :y 

General Car Chat / Something about car wrapping?
« on: 08 June 2014, 16:17:31 »
Hi all,
I'm just fed up with repainting my old miggy on certain places where those f*ckin rust stains are appearing averagely in every second year... >:( Rear arches, bottom of doors... >:( Do you know something about car wrapping, I mean is it effective against rust? Does it close the rustless surface perfectly from the active atmospheric oxygen? When I asked an "expert" he just had stattering for a while and tried to come with boring marketing speech like "5yrs warranty" and "we are leaders on the Hungarian market" but answered nothing when asked him about that whether the surface can getting rusted under the cover layer... Any advice or opinion welcomed.

thx mates,  :y


General Discussion Area / The Bilderberg Group - 60yrs now
« on: 01 June 2014, 08:15:09 »

It's a fair bounch of articles about The Group, I can't decide though whether it's a tragedy or comedy as actually you don't know more about the activity of them than 60 yrs before. They never announce anything in point if theirs activity but why??? My possible explanations are : most people wouldn't agree the decisions of them or implementation of these decisions impossible without violating in some countries. Also Hungary is represented by Gordon Bajnai who an unsuccess former prime minister we can thank for him nothing. Possibly he represented interests of The Group rather than Hungarian people.

 My 4 yrs old girlie, Antonia sometimes not too obedient and most of her time she tries new ways and situations. I was gardening at afternoon and a pretty entertaining dialogue hit my ears. Not sure of what happened but it could be fairly hair-rising as I heard the next:
Great-granny : "Antonia don't bit it lest you  lose your teeth! "
Antonia : "Never mind great-granny, you have already lost all of yours you still can eat though! "  ;D ;D ;D

I hadn't been having breath for half an hour because of laughing on this...

General Discussion Area / Familiar with codec packs ?
« on: 09 February 2014, 09:09:57 »
Hi all,

my PC collapsed a week ago  :'(  and after op sys reinstalling I can't see online video contents as such picture as sound streaming is faltering hard... :o I've tried to play some family video off from an other driver successfully so I'm a bit puzzled. Do different codecs responsible for online streaming and a smooth video watching from say driver "D" ?  :-\ Google having been used of course, tons of codec packs were found on the net I have no idea in point of choosing the best though... :-\ Any advice please!



General Discussion Area / Kiev - Who pays?
« on: 02 February 2014, 19:18:10 »
 Just met a friend who had been to Kiev , I was pretty surprised on the details in point of the events on the Maydan . Watching TV you can't see how well organized and tuned mass there is in the city. People get salary for being out there, free hosting, free eat three times per day,  complete self sefense training from veterans of Afghanistan and Karabach. Free cold proof dresses, boots for the people there are.  Well organized net of flats where you can take a bath, long long queue of ToiTois etc etc...everything for free ???
Who pays for it?  EU? Hardly believe...

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