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General Discussion Area / Re: Robin Williams RIP
« on: 12 August 2014, 19:37:40 »
"Seize the day. Because, believe it or not, each and every one of us in this room is one day going to stop breathing, turn cold and die."   

  Dead Poets Society

 Rest In Peace Robin you were brilliant person  :'(

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: hello
« on: 11 August 2014, 03:54:04 »
How do "neighbour", welcome aboard!  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: hello ,just joined
« on: 11 August 2014, 03:52:31 »
well hello to all , just joined , bit of a mission getting through registering security , but here I am , a bit late I guess have owned my omega for ten years now ,heheh

It's never too late matey  ;) welcome to oof!  :y

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Gotta go :'(
« on: 10 August 2014, 15:26:44 »
Yep, so do I wish you the best, mate!  :)  :y

I think it's just propaganda. Everybody can lie and they certainly do, too. Must admit though I am influenced by personal experiences, which aren't the best ones, in point of how the Ukrainian arrange their stuff and what an ordinary Ukrainian like. I've been spending there long weeks for 8 yrs now often trying to help my wife's family to arrange official cases so I see that hardly, what's more nothing changed things.  >:(  Maidan and Orange Revolution then Maidan again? Bullshit! The problem is not the system but the human attitude itsef, which does not change at all. Ukraine such as it's neighbour countries did have 20 long yrs to do something and comparing to others what did they do? We can say nothing. Why then? Cos anybody get a position, start at once even to thieve everything they see around theirself or to do "favours" for money of course (which is the corruption itself). It is true from nurse to doctor, from the doctor to manager of hospital but I could mention a simple nobody in the administration no matter at all as the trouble is coded in their mind off (thoughts, attitude or whatever) that won't be changed ever. Typical slavic mentality, the heritage of former Sovietunion. My view is Ukraine will be a hunchback on the EU as to change general attitude of a full society lasts more generation if it is possible at all.

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: newbie
« on: 09 August 2014, 04:22:07 »
Welcome aboard mate!  :y

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hello!
« on: 09 August 2014, 04:20:36 »
How do Jon, welcome to oof!  :)

Omega General Help / Coolant reservoir plastic cap
« on: 07 August 2014, 21:03:52 »
Hi all,
not too long ago I purchased a second hand coolant reservoir with cap included as my old one got a smaller leaking at it's neck. Well, replaced but a definiate difference there is between the two kind of plastic caps  :-\ whether it was a diesel's cap?  ??? How important to use petrol cap in petrol engine and why is this difference? Might it be harmful if I didn't fit proper cap?

Any advice warmly welcomed!


Omega Gallery / Re: Busy days
« on: 07 August 2014, 20:45:00 »
Nice job indeed!  :y

Omega Gallery / Re: Low Standards
« on: 07 August 2014, 06:48:57 »
Looks nice mate  :y I wont lower mine cos I often do go on quite bad roads  >:(   what's more been thinking on an airride system...

Omega General Help / Re: changing door looking motor
« on: 07 August 2014, 06:30:24 »
I had problems untill I released the  electric cable which was clipped at the base of the door.Made the motor more accessable.

So did I.  :y Disconnect rods, the three bolts out then release cabling  ;)

Nice car you have there mate!  :y

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hi all
« on: 06 August 2014, 06:52:43 »
Welcome back matey!  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: newbie
« on: 06 August 2014, 06:51:36 »
Welcome to oof mate! First of all do a fault code reading!  ;)

Laszlo,   Hungary

Omega Gallery / Re: rebuilding x30xe
« on: 04 August 2014, 17:11:02 »
finally getting new parts back onto the car ready for getting a respray so got the subframe, wishbones etc back on and looking good I had to share it here after almost 2 years[url]]][url][/url]

First link doesn't work mate  :-\

Second one is nice  :y as I see colour of axle stands also fit to miggie ... :y

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