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Our kid was diagnosed with liver cancer 12 months ago. He's still alive, just.
Cancel that.

Just caught up with this Steve. Very sorry for your loss.

General Discussion Area / Aviation nostalgia
« on: 20 April 2022, 20:38:05 »
A seriously good bit of literary aviation nostalgia, enhanced by the nod to Ernie Gannís classic, Fate is the Hunter.

General Discussion Area / Re: Loss
« on: 16 April 2022, 09:32:26 »
Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts. We are still going on our trip to Grenada in two hours time, and which we had hoped she would share with us. Instead we shall celebrate her life in the place that she loved and had shared many happy times with us.

General Discussion Area / Loss
« on: 15 April 2022, 06:49:54 »
I am bereft to say that my beloved wife of 60 years, having suffered from Alzheimerís for several years, died peacefully in my arms at home on Tuesday.

General Discussion Area / Re: Eat your hearts out
« on: 07 April 2022, 19:26:00 »
Yes that figures, talking to retired a Captain friend tonight, he tells me that it is no picnic for BA flight crew these days, I think I had the best years of it. I was often able to take family members on good trips.

General Discussion Area / Re: Eat your hearts out
« on: 07 April 2022, 09:24:36 »
Crew accommodation has certainly improved some... 8)

Enjoy :y
Thanks Al, believe it or not, when I joined BA in the Ď70s, every month during my first year on 707s I did a 7 or 10 day trip to the Caribbean, shuttling between islands every couple of days. Having previously been flogging around the North Atlantic at low level in Shacks then Nimrods for up to 12 hours while in the RAF, I thought Iíd died and gone to heaven. 😁

General Discussion Area / Re: Eat your hearts out
« on: 07 April 2022, 07:19:56 »
Thanks guys, given my current situation caring for my wife, I am looking forward to a break. We have stayed there 3 or 4 times previously, and it is a beautiful villa in a lovely area. If 8 share the cost it is quite reasonable. I should own up that our trips there are courtesy of my daughter.

General Discussion Area / Eat your hearts out
« on: 06 April 2022, 16:23:37 »
 All being well we shall be roughing it here in 10 days:

General Car Chat / Re: New Kuga PHEV
« on: 05 April 2022, 15:03:50 »
Kuga gets good reviews, less the cvt box. However we had a Jazz cvt which wOrked OK. My journeys now are all Up to 30 miles round trips, so hybrid or EV makes sense. Iíve just got to check that the Kuga boot takes clubs and trolley OK. It should with the rear seats sliding forward, at my age Iím not concerned with performance, cost then comfort is important. 

General Car Chat / New Kuga PHEV
« on: 04 April 2022, 18:38:17 »
Thinking of replacing the 6 year old Mondeo, for which theyíve offered silly money, for one of these.
Any good knowledge of them on here?

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / 2.5 TD sump gasket.
« on: 08 February 2022, 08:20:30 »
As above, a new gasket available free.

General Car Chat / Re: Major Service Woe or Two
« on: 15 January 2022, 08:05:30 »

How I miss the simplicity of past cars with a coil, distributor, contact, leads to each plug witch had a simple connector that was easily changed!  My A40 was a doddle to work on compared to these modern machines!  Are the electrics going to be easier? ;D ;D

I miss points, condensers & dizzys like a hole in the head .... they were a pain in the harris!!

And though I've yet to replace an exhaust on either Smart (different engines), I doubt that's correct. They're not the easiest of cars to work on engine wise

Ah yes, but getting the timing just right after fitting new points/dis etc. gave a certain    satisfaction.

General Discussion Area / Re: Hearing aids
« on: 05 January 2022, 08:18:07 »
And none are usually a magic bullet to deafness. They are an aid, not a cure.  And usually need lots of adjustments in the first few months, both to tweak them for the patient, and also because the patients brain needs some relearning and tweaking.

Certainly not true of my Phonak RT70, which can be completely tuned individually from the phone app. I find them superb.

HNY James.  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: A wasted week
« on: 04 January 2022, 08:20:57 »
Been using 2 x Humax 1100s in different rooms OK for some years, though what idiotic design with the indicator light underneath necessitating sticking a piece of silver paper under the light so it is visible. :o

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