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Omega General Help / 3.2 Rear Discs
« on: 19 February 2019, 12:46:16 »
Hi to all.  Think maybe be needing new rear discs (vented?) soonish.  Fitted Brembo to the front recently but can't seem to locate Brembo for the rear.  In any case, I know that some 'after' brands are rubbish but are there any other reliable makes (if indeed Brembo is?) you guys would swear by?  2002 3.2 Elite saloon.  Thanks in advance. Ant

PS.  as a by the way, What is the little amber light under the interior mirror that shines at night for?  Thanks

Does anyone know where there are any last specification 17 inch Elite wheels (six spoke slightly pillared look?) for a reasonable cost?  Thanks. Ant

Newbie Welcome Area / New Topic on trading page?
« on: 10 August 2018, 15:37:41 »
Hi previously Newcastle Ant ( now Ant - Petrol Blue Thirty Two) and a member for a number of years, how can I post on the wanted page as it has no 'new topic' tab?  Thanks.

General Car Chat / 3.2 Rear springs help
« on: 19 May 2018, 17:16:23 »
Hi.  I am looking to replace my rear springs (softer sprung than normal rears as car is self level) and read on VX ON that the only ones that will do are genuine GM ones?  One of the rears has a bit broken off inside the cup that holds them but somehow the car still doesn't droop on that side?  The question is  - I don't know about the Trade Card scheme, but if it still exists how do you get one or does anyone have tips on getting GM ones at a best price if indeed only GM ones will do?  Thanks in advance. Ant   

General Car Chat / Who runs this OOF?
« on: 17 April 2018, 12:38:27 »
Hi.  Needing to ask some advice about possible long term care about my car (or not), who runs this forum and presumably, would be the best person to seek advice from?  Thanks in advance.

Omega General Help / Electrical 'funnies' - is it the snow?
« on: 23 March 2018, 13:15:04 »
Hi to all - any views on this? - 2002 - 3.2 - 90k - The car was covered in snow for two times in the last two weeks and the car was unused and the snow slowly melted off itself.  Since then the courtesy light stays on whilst driving - the 'left your keys in the ignition' buzzer now gives a high pitch shriek - the rear park sensors have a 'strangled' noise.  My central locking only worked historically on all but drivers door but now when unlocking the car remotely and then using the key to open the drivers door, all three other doors re-lock.  There isn't a battery problem (I don't think) - it is the max amps and cca that can be got for the 3.2 and is a recent purchase.  Can only think damp from the snow covered car for a few days - has anyone experienced similar and does it need a week in the sahara a quick fix?  Thanks in advance.  Ant     

Omega General Help / 2002 - 3.2 Elite Saloon Towing Help?
« on: 10 January 2018, 16:14:41 »
Hi to all.  Can someone help thicko me with the minefield that is 'towing limits'.  I have a standard (but beautiful) 3.2 Elite saloon which is fitted underneath with a Vauxhall dealer tow bar fixing minus the detachable tow ball?  The fixing was there when I bought the car in 2007 but never needed to utilise the towing facility. I can't decipher the owner's manual about table 1 kerb weights (page 222), heavy accessories, or the 'table 3 kerb weight' and what the difference is with table 1 and table 3 anyway?  The drivers door pillar has two kg weights 2200 with 4075 just below it.  So, practically, what weight can I tow and does the fact that the car would have two persons and luggage etc in it make a difference?  Just thinking ahead if we decide to buy a caravan and if the car would tow a twin wheel van which tend to be the heaviest.   Is it just me that sees all this weights info in the fog and mist?  Thanks very much in advance.  Ant.     

Omega General Help / 3.2 Battery
« on: 28 February 2016, 14:47:20 »
Hi to all.  Does anyone know the correct battery size (dimensions) and power for a 3.2 Elite?  Last replaced Dec 2008, at the time my Vauxhall dealer said that the original spec. battery was no longer available from GM and he went for the biggest size and amp (75?) that was available.

I think its shot now but want to buy the correct original spec battery - although not from GM.  Also what is a quality brand that will stand up to a 3.2?. Thanks.  Anthony     

Hi to all - re above, I posted this help query on 'general help' at the end of May and got a few replies -  thanks to those of you who did. 

I am useless at navigating and working this site (is it just me?) but the original post and replies has disappeared (?) but I also posted on the Omega Gallery by mistake as I was on there looking at some of the photos.   

Anyway, I took up the suggestion from one of you about using electrical tape (the member finished the reply by saying "bish, bash, bosh" so you will know who you are) and it was a saviour - thanks!!.  Tricky to do the first button and, not wanting to mark any of the plastic, it can easily and satisfyingly be done.  I took some photos of each stage and the bits and pieces I used but how I could put them on the site to help others here is past me at the mo.  So if anyone wants the 'how it was done' photos give me a mail back  - or if anyone can tell me how to post them on the site and where, I'd be happy to.

To finish, the day after fixing this annoyance, I'd driven twenty miles or so when I suddenly realised how quiet it was!!
Sad, but true.
Anthony (elderly and confused)


Omega General Help / door buttons and wider wheels 3.2 2002
« on: 18 May 2014, 17:32:11 »
thanks in advance...does anyone know how to properly cure the door central locking 'buttons' at the top of the door trims from rattling?  Pushing them down to lock position helps a bit but not a cure, and know I've got it in my head, they are driving me crazy.......and does anyone have experience on widening the rear wheels or using spacers to good effect?....currently standard 3.2 wheels as in oof logo with 235/45/17 tyres.....thanks

thanks in advance...does anyone know how to properly cure the door central locking 'buttons' at the top of the door trims from rattling?  Pushing them down to lock position helps a bit but not a cure, and know I've got it in my head, they are driving me crazy.......and does anyone have experience on widening the rear wheels or using spacers to good effect?....currently standard 3.2 wheels as in oof logo with 235/45/17 tyres.....thanks

Hi Guys, any steer on this?......recently had cam belt change and new plugs (presume Vauxhall plugs as done at my local Vaux dealer) thinking it might help improve the engine performance - last new plugs were at 40k in 2006 with previous owner - however the tickover is now more lumpy than it was before - at its resting point at 500 revs, the engine visually 'jiggles' unhappily and the backs of the front seats take most of the vibration - wish I had left well alone. Pressing accelerator slightly brings all the harmony back.
So, can anyone guess what might have changed or been upset by having a the cam belt and the plugs changed?

Omega General Help / Sept 2002 Elite 3.2 Engine Tune + G.Box
« on: 08 October 2013, 10:42:40 »
Hi to all.  Owned above from Sept. 2007 @ 60K having just been serviced before purchase.  Now done 78K but other than regular oil and filter changes and other service items, have never had plugs changed or any other engine attention.  I wondered if an engine tune would help as the engine doesn't seem as happy at pulling or ticking over at times as it used to.  Sometimes it seems to 'hunt' a little at tick over (rough idle) and at others times you can't tell the engine is running at all - just the sound of the injectors - both situ's at normal op. temp.  Using Shell V power most of time but not exclusively and won't use tesco petrol.  Car is standard as out of factory and engine is perfect in every other way mechanically (I think?) - no smoke, no oil usage or much discolouration etc. and coolant is still bright pink.  Petrol consumption has never been great (urban mainly) but seems a bit worse of late - have run some injector cleaners in the past prior to long runs but not lately - most use is short runs in and out of town, odd longer one.
Also read on here about re-programming the to get better changes and smoother running??  Fluid/filter has just been changed (from original factory fill) with no significant dirt found in the sump or filter and it has smoothed it out but wondered if it could be better??

can anyone advise the best way forward tuning wise (i.e. a competent person or garage) and or whether it is worth it and also about re-programming the  I live in Bristol/Bath area
thanks in anticipation

Omega General Help / 3.2 built 2002 - Auto Fluid
« on: 01 June 2012, 21:28:05 »
Hi Guys, a wee bit of steer if you can.  My auto fluid has done 72k and I guess its the original fill.  The gearbox works fine without any issues or  noise etc but I'm wondering if it needs changing due to age.  My Vaux dealer has been hesitant to do it because in some cases they say, it can lead to trouble e.g new fluid reacts with the old seals and causes issues as a result?  I read on hear that 60k is the recommended time to change but I'm hesitant as i don't want to create any possible probs?  Can anybody concur with the dealer view or have any relevant experience.  Car has had recreational caravan tow in its first five years up to 61 k and my 9k in the last five years has been tow free and very gentle.  Thanks   

Omega General Help / Rear Tyres and Flasher unit
« on: 06 March 2012, 17:51:25 »
Hi all, thought I would seek advice re above - one necessary and one a fancy. 
My 3.2 Elite Saloon rear tyres are approaching markers - what would be the best replacements?   My current Pirelli P Zero 235/45 ZR17 94Y tyres have a flat spot when cold that takes a few miles (or lots more if really cold) to 'warm off'  and 'round up' so there isn't any vibration in your seat if you know what I mean.  Would all/most other makes have this - presumably its a metal inner lining???   

Secondly, is there another 'flasher unit' (for turn lights) that doesn't sound like it came off a  MK111 Zephyr in the sixties as my current one does, that could be fitted that gives a louder  'click' or 'clack' as some later Vauxhalls do?
Thanks very much in anticipation

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