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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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General Discussion Area / Re: UPS installed
« on: Yesterday at 19:10:04 »
My M.I.L. had a power cut last week.. couple of days after some cowboys had been digging up the pavement installing fibre.

They knocked on her door at the time and asked her if her leccy was OK. Dead giveaway that the muppets had messed up.

Anyway, a couple of days later her leccy went out. DNO dug up the pavement and sure enough, her feed had a load of black tape wrapped around it about where the fibre run was, which was now fizzing away. ;D

A few other houses in the cul-de-sac have had issues too. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Anniversary meal
« on: 29 November 2022, 07:14:22 »
You do know that you can cut a whole leg of lamb into two parts, and you'll get two half legs? And you can cut the top of a whole leg off to get 2 lamb steaks.

You may need to buy a decent hacksaw blade to cut it - but that gives you an excuse to go to your favourite hardware store as well. Win-Win.

However, it's also true that large lumps of meat cook better than smaller joints. And since Roast Lamb is also my favourite, just roast the whole thing yer cheapskate.

And don't forget the Rosemary and mint sauce.
What d'yer reckon to this for Christmas dinner? This is the kind of thing you have to do for your kid, wish me luck  :(

No, just no.

They can't even get their own menu correct - The Turkey & Cranberry sub contains "Wafer Thin Seitan Beef" and no Turkey (fake or real), presumably because with this veggie muck you can't actually tell the difference between the fake beef and the fake turkey.

Yet, if someone launched a line of "meat based" Tofu products they'd probably have all the vegantards up in arms. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: 3D Printer Chat
« on: 26 November 2022, 20:37:53 »
Is it their Xmas pressie?  If so, you need to wait for the big fat bloke to come down the chimney.

Creality are a great starting point, with loads of community support online, and reasonable results straight out of the box.  Start off with PLA filament, as that's usually the easiest, whilst you learn printer (well, software slicer) settings, and what's needed to make certain models print better :y

Hmm. Really must dust mine off and make something with it. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Wee Krankie is proper pissed off.....
« on: 25 November 2022, 22:12:59 »
Maybe eventually it'll sink in that she's not a world leader but a glorified parish councillor. >:D

General Discussion Area / Re: 12p a litre plus VAT.
« on: 18 November 2022, 22:18:02 »
Plus again, Teslas are bloated, ugly looking bastards.
Itís the oatmilk...

As for fat lattes, Costa should have their Black Forest Hot Chocolate out soon...

Don't get me started. We ran out of real, cow-based milk at the office today, so I used the oat milk in my coffee instead. Words fail me. :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: T B needs to start his cull now !
« on: 15 November 2022, 23:26:58 »

WTF do they teach drivers these days?

How to program the satnav. Actually being in control of the car isn't important because Saint Elon will soon*** have self-driving cars and HS2 will fix all the other transport problems.

*** soon will be true throughout the lifetime of every living person on the planet.

.. assuming HS2 makes it past Thursday's cuts. ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: T B needs to start his cull now !
« on: 15 November 2022, 19:48:04 »
Sometimes, it can be just down to stupidity. On my commute today, ambulance came up behind the car behind me, on blue lights and clearly in a hurry.

We were making good progress on a long straight NSL section of single carriageway A road so I figured if the ambulance wanted to go quicker he had a good view ahead, so just gave him a decent gap ahead of me and continued. Some d1ck about 5 cars ahead decides to do an emergency stop (I'm actually surprised he was even using his mirrors). Then another cretin in the oncoming traffic did the same, blocking the road with said ambulance still behind me on blue lights but with a nowhere to go. >:(

WTF do they teach drivers these days?

General Discussion Area / Re: Latest M25 protests
« on: 08 November 2022, 18:41:03 »
Giving out free shags would be a far better strategy IMO.  🧐
They'd need an encounter with some soap first!

General Car Chat / Re: Mrs Opti bought me this.
« on: 30 October 2022, 21:47:40 »

I'm a fast learner, and realise how reckless my driving was, and how speed kills, and how I kill polar bears.  And all after just one, great value, informative, worthwhile, excellent speed awareness course....

I bet you even forgot to leave rubber in the car park afterwards too...?  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Audi Q7
« on: 22 October 2022, 09:14:53 »

500 BHP in something small and light. Not sure it handles well though.  ::)

That guy's clearly unhinged..
Not sure I heard him change gear during that whole ride. I'm guessing he didn't even bother with a gearbox. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Audi Q7
« on: 21 October 2022, 18:07:48 »

In isolation 300 BHP seems adequate. But is it enough when it has to haul all that diesel flab around. ;)

My opinion? If you're going to have 300 BHP, put it in something that handles.

.. and doesn't suffer from "legendary" German reliability. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: cordless vacuums
« on: 21 October 2022, 07:32:14 »
Yep, it it's not a phone, "cordless" is the route to much frustration. ;D
Unless it's fuelled by petrol...
True. I'm not sure a 2 stroke hoover is the answer either, mind. ;D

We have a rather tasty Honda engined 4 stroke one at the railway......  ;D
Does it cope with cat hair? ;D

Actually, might cope with the whole cat and solve that one once and for all!

General Discussion Area / Re: cordless vacuums
« on: 20 October 2022, 07:34:42 »
Yep, it it's not a phone, "cordless" is the route to much frustration. ;D
Unless it's fuelled by petrol...
True. I'm not sure a 2 stroke hoover is the answer either, mind. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: cordless vacuums
« on: 19 October 2022, 19:04:02 »
Yep, it it's not a phone, "cordless" is the route to much frustration. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Abu Dhabi F1 wont contain spoilers
« on: 13 October 2022, 18:31:19 »
Most recent info says that RB excluded Adrian Neweys salary from the calculations because they claim he isnt an employee, but a contract worker.

Who happens to be the previous owner of Mrs. KW's MX-5.

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