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Keith from vauxhallgreenparts popped over this morning with their rare 3.0 Carlton Estate so that we could try some of our subframe bushes on his car.

The EP1008 subframe bushes are an easy fit... although it's usually getting the bolts and old bushes out that is the difficult part!

After a short test drive, Keith was fairly happy with the bushes and I'm sure that he'll report back on this post.

With the success of the Omega B rear bushes, we're happy to be able to offer these bushes for both the Omega A and B.  :)


Michael @ Pedders

Here at Pedders' , we appreciate being able to come onto the forum and post about our products.

As such, we'd like to offer a 10% discount on all Pedders' Suspension Vauxhall Omega products to all OOF members

You must have 50 posts or more to be entitled to the discount.

Please PM me for the discount code which you will need to enter into the voucher box on the check out page.

Merry Christmas to OOF from all at Pedders' Suspension  :y


Michael @ Pedders

Omega General Help / Pedders Suspension Bushes for the Omega
« on: 01 November 2012, 12:46:04 »
Hi All,

We've made some progress with fitting rear subframe bushes and rear trailing arm outer camber bushes to our '51 reg Omega 2.2CDX.

I've added the Omega to our vehicle select drop-down so the car now exists within Pedders  :)

We managed to get the Omega in yesterday and fitted the camber bushes and subframe bushes. I'll be doing a write up shortly.

We have just got more stock of the 5803s offset camber bushes in stock but are waiting for more of the EP1145 subframe bushes to arrive from Australia. If you do want them before the next shipment arrives, we can get them within 14 days and you don't pay for the shipping from Aus, we pick up the tab for that.


Mike @ Pedders

Newbie Welcome Area / Pedders Suspension UK - A Hello from us!
« on: 03 October 2012, 17:27:12 »
First off... great forum with huge amounts of info and a friendly atmosphere.

We are Pedders Suspension and we specialise in manufacturing suspension parts many cars including the Vauxhall Omega.

Monkfish Performance are our dealer and usually carry most products on the shelf.

One of the forum members has recently bought a set of bushes from Monkfish and fitted them to his Omega. We weren't sure if they would fit but he's confirmed that they do and is happy with the results.

We have a Vauxhall Omega within our fleet and will be pulling it into the workshop shortly to test many Pedders products and will be adding the Omega section to the website as soon as possible.

I've contacted the Omega Forum Admin/Moderators regarding becoming a supporting vendor or trade account so hopefully that will happen shortly.

A big thumbs up from the team at Pedders!


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