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Astra J Indicator Fuse(s)

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Some problems with daughter's Astra J 2010, petrol 1.6.

Right rear indicator does not work, also tail light does not work in right side. New bulb did not help, perhaps earth problem or somethin more serious?? In right side front, both indicators are blinking (quickly) - located in wing and below bumper.

Left side rear ok, blinking quickly. In front both does not work. Heard (only heard) that new bulbs did not help.

Car is 150 km from me so have to take a look when I get it home. Just would like to know whether something typical for Astra to check.
Below is a fuse map from Astra Pages. Cannot find any fuse for indicators. Please help.

Doctor Gollum:
The fast flashing is due to reduced load on the flasher relay, usually due to a failed bulb and normal behaviour.

New bulbs can be faulty or incorrectly fitted.

Also the indicators may be powered directly from the body control module so that could also be faulty.

Andy B:
the fact that two different lights on the same unit are not working could be an iffy connection between the plug & the light unit or an iffy earth connection from it.  :-\ :-\

Thanks for comments, I get the car home on Saturday.

Earths, bulbs etc. simple things (I am just a simple man) I can check. If it is Body Control Module that is something new for me.
If it is that is it expensive part?
Do it have to be programmed by GM dealer or is it just plug and play.
Even if I have left hand drive is the control module in right side of the central console in floor level? All figures welcome.
I report back on Saturday.

Doctor Gollum:
There are usually at least two, and they are generally behind each fuse panel.

But start with the simple things... Cheap bulbs, loose bulb holders corroded connections etc.

Also try the hazard switch and see if the failed bulbs are still failed ;)


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