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Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Locking wheelnuts
« on: 06 May 2018, 20:58:42 »
Anybody interested in a set of GM, locking wheelnuts with code card, 15.posted.

General Discussion Area / Stoopid, not even a yank.
« on: 29 April 2018, 12:10:27 »

General Car Chat / Another year.
« on: 28 April 2018, 10:12:37 »
Just passed Mot, 1 advisory, cracked number plate.

General Car Chat / Cambelt kits
« on: 25 April 2018, 16:38:07 »
Just seen these,nothing to do with me, good price tho.

Will fit 3.2,3.0, just change back plate,and it's also two adjustable tensioners.

Omega General Help / Kin cambelt
« on: 21 April 2018, 10:38:08 »
 Why O why, when I try to fit a new cambelt kit, does it never go right, just walked away, look again later. I'm bloody jinxed I know it.

Fitted it, locks in, belt on,  dun the tensioners, yup all good, turned it twice, booger
all lines up,,  sod it. Taken son swimming,,

Will strip it all off, in a while.

General Discussion Area / One for the pilots,
« on: 22 March 2018, 10:11:56 »

General Car Chat / New wing mirror (a##e)
« on: 16 March 2018, 14:04:20 »
Just fitted new wing mirror,as some ars#e driving a jaaag, decide he liked my mirror more than I did, didn't stop. Had spare 1 or 2 in hoof'land stores
Is this a typical jaaaag driver's thinking just clear off,as there are, mite important. >:(

General Discussion Area / Uxb in the Thames
« on: 12 February 2018, 14:39:42 »
So they find an uxb in the river near king George dock, (500lb) it's been there 70 years, they evacuated an area of 250m, they are not moving it till tonight,  why not just drag out to middle of the Thames, or up stream a bit and blow it up, 
During the blitz they just carried on.

I know them elf's might get affected.

General Discussion Area / Silly mere, whoops
« on: 28 December 2017, 19:11:32 »

Omega General Help / Auxiliary pump repairs
« on: 24 December 2017, 19:19:07 »
Well, took a weeping pump off, replaced with a good one, so I thought, we're is the leak, is it a gasket or an O ring,  undone the four cross heads screws, and found the problem,  one of the screws had corroded and broke, allowing coolant to weep out, so took the other 3 out, cleaned ever thing up, don't lose the very small washer on bottom of impeller,

Reassembled, smear of silicone around edges, be care full when tightening up screws, as too tight and it jams the impeller,so a bit of loosening was needed,,,, one repaired auxiliary pump,, sorry forget to do pictures. :y

Omega General Help / Radio code.
« on: 24 December 2017, 16:50:40 »
Now I bought a radio from I think omegod, I cannot find the code and its gone Safe mode.... Help :o

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted. Thermostat n housing
« on: 16 December 2017, 16:28:14 »
Before I go and get one, antibody got a New thermostat and housing, they no longer needed, pm price Inc delivery to hoof'land. 

Reason, car only runs at about 85'c, when it gets to 90' in the traffic nice n toasty, so think thermostat is playing up.

General Discussion Area / were are they.
« on: 09 December 2017, 10:41:07 »
When will they be released. It is the 9th of December..


The Christmas smileys.

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