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Author Topic: WANTED: Omega Estate  (Read 2223 times)

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WANTED: Omega Estate
« on: 20 January 2016, 19:28:53 »

I'm in need of an Omega estate;
Age, colour and mileage are immiterial. any engine size, fuel and gearbox combination considered (would prefer an auto)
MOT a must; the longer the better. I can live with serviceable consumable items needing attention (brakes, tyres, exhaust and the odd job, but not major issues i.e head gasket failure, clutch etc.
In no way don't expect a minter for this money, but I don't want something that resembles a rat-rod either!
I'm looking to pay ~500
I'm in Suffolk, so something within reasonable distance to be considered.

Other large estate car would be considered

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Re: WANTED: Omega Estate
« Reply #1 on: 21 January 2016, 09:26:11 »

Unsure quite how knowledgeable on Omegas you are, and any car bought off here won't be hiding the below issues but...  just as a mini-Omega-guide, HG failure tends to be a mostly 2.2 issue, the V6 tend to suffer from oil cooler failure (often mis-diagnosed as HG) both are jobs which can eat a couple of hundred, as I'm sure you know.

As a general rule Omegas to keep running well will want their timing (V6) doing and front suspension followed by a full geo setup (all models) which, again, can swallow a couple of hundred. Uneven tyre wear is common on them, and so looking at the rubber will help determine if they're setup poorly (as they 90% are)

Everything else, exhaust, rust, brakes etc apply as with any car, though Omjegas aren't very rusty cars at all, as they have plenty of rustproofing measures.

There's a host of niggly things which can go, but these are all easily sortable, and most likiely you'll inquire, expecting horrible expense, only to find the issue is actually a very cheap/free fix.

Oh, watch out for water in the passenger footwell - it's (probably) not a knacked heater matrix, but leaves and rubbish blocking the scuttle = free fix.  :y
Ex-Dealer Kent-Moore Rear Wheel Bearing Tool available for hire, PM for details.

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