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Author Topic: Finally picked up my Omega  (Read 1075 times)

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Finally picked up my Omega
« on: 01 April 2016, 23:57:55 »

I wrote here a few months ago about inheriting my father-in-laws Omega, took a while but finally arrived.

She's a 2000 reg Elite with 156k on the clock, must be 10k's worth of service history, all main dealer, 3 cambelts to date, a grand on the air con alone.

I mentioned previously about replacing the alloys to the 16" ones on the CD version. I prefer the look of these, and apart from the smaller wheel would there be any advantages/disadvantages? Read it would give a softer ride. I had a CD a few years ago, most comfy car I've ever driven so I know a bit about them.

The driver home was great, though the revs jump about at idle. It hasn't been used for a year, would this sort itself out over time? Mot in May where she'll have a full service. Will change the ATF as well as this appears to have been overlooked.


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Re: Finally picked up my Omega
« Reply #1 on: 02 April 2016, 15:41:27 »

That small problem with the revs,may be the MAF sensor as I had a similar problem a while back on my 3.0 MV6..changed it for a genuine Bosch unit and it solved the problem.This is only a suggestion as it could be something else that again may be an easy fix.Might be a good idea to nip along to the High Wycombe meet next month and make a few contacts etc also a nice day out :y


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Re: Finally picked up my Omega
« Reply #2 on: 02 April 2016, 20:40:33 »

Doubt you getting a much softer ride than a standard Elite suspension set up no matter what size wheels you fit.Would think if yours is F/L car then 16s might look a little "lost" but I don't recall seeing a F/L with them on so can't say for sure.
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