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General Discussion Area / UPS and UPS
« on: 27 September 2023, 09:38:44 »
Firstly, we've got a (hopefully) shagged battery on the UPS that supports the OOF servers, so running with battery disconnected, so fingers crossed that the usual Brakkers power cuts stay away today.

Got 2 parcels coming from UPS (the courier), both from The Netherlands.  One is an ebay seller who should have posted last week, but clearly ebay bone idleness kicked in, and other is from DJI who are normally quite slick.  Both parcels appear to have stopped tracking somewhere in Holland.

General Discussion Area / Happy Burfday Mr DTM
« on: 27 September 2023, 07:48:15 »

General Discussion Area / Any saddos on overnight?
« on: 04 September 2023, 07:34:52 »
Did anybody try to access OOF from around 12:45am to 7:20am, and if so, was it working?

General Discussion Area / Couple of outages over next few days
« on: 03 August 2023, 20:46:00 »
Still untangling the rats nest of cables  ;D, and need to shift the machine that does firewall-y and packet-y type stuff

General Discussion Area / Where did that time go?
« on: 18 July 2023, 11:16:38 »
Talking of incidents, last week was the 10th anniversary of the garage mishap.

Where did those 10yrs go  :o

General Car Chat / TB's buggered motor
« on: 12 July 2023, 16:07:01 »
P006A.  DTC snapshot data shows very low boost pressure, suspect a loss of boost pressure.

Sent the DTC snapshot data and some photos to that DTM geezer, and he concurs that one of the intake manifolds has split being the most likely cause.  Cheap, crap, plastic shite that plagues this engine.  Still, to be expected when it was a JV between the yanks and the French ;D

General Discussion Area / OOF next few days....
« on: 23 June 2023, 08:32:27 »
....might be subject to lots of small disconnections,, as I need to mess around with the network, which involves unplugging stuff and many a router restart.  Any outages are liable to be less than 5 mins, but there will be *lots* of them I suspect.

Apologies up front.

General Car Chat / The future....
« on: 24 May 2023, 13:55:47 »
Those useless knobjockeys at Enterprise car rental have given my colleague a milk float ;D

It supposed to do 150 miles between charges, but he didn't make it beyond Oxford Services before playing chicken, only to find that the only unused, non Tesla charging point was out of order, so had to wait for somebody to finish before he could start charging.

So he arrives in Londonium nearly 5 hours after setting out, on what should be a sub 3 hour drive, and very late for a meeting with a support engineer.   Sorts the system out, drives about 2km to the next site, to do the same.  None of these sites have nearby charging points.

So now he's just called me, driving fully clenched, at very economical speeds, praying he'll make Beaconsfield services.  If he does make it, he'll have the joy of having to recharge again before Birmingham, and then recharge again before handing it back to Enterprise.

Apparently, this is the future we want ;D

General Discussion Area / UK TV
« on: 29 April 2023, 09:04:49 »
Its all Nick W's fault, he's started me on a rant.

But Freeview TV. Christ.  Must be 100 channels, and never anything to watch.

If it's not celebrity tits out, it's stupid reality police chasing people, or ambulance documentaries.  Or Knobeneders.

Does anybody actually watch any of this drivel?

General Discussion Area / 250m pages served
« on: 14 April 2023, 11:42:18 »
Blimey.  Since we've been using SMF as our forum software, its served up 250m pages :o

This doesn't include 2006 to 2011, when we were using YaBB as our forum software.

General Car Chat / Thanks, Mr Chrisgixer!
« on: 10 April 2023, 09:08:35 »
I got in a bit of a mess doing rear pads yesterday.  I followed the process to put the handbrake in the service position not using the diags tool, which going by the noises, seemed to retract the handbrake, but no messages that it had actually done it.

Tooke the pads out, but couldn't push or wind the piston in, so got the diags tool out to use that to put handbrake into service position.  Unfortunately, just turning the ignition on was enough to cause the handbrake to come on, popping the piston out of the caliper in the process.

Fortunately that nice ex-member Gixer popped over to lend a hand at this point to see what could be done.

4 hrs later, we had managed to get 70 ball bearings and 10 springs back in to the handbrake actuator, and rebuilt that.  Tidied the caliper enough so it is short term usable (it's had water ingress and corroded badly, so needs refurb, looks like it had been binding as well (probably just replace it TBH)), and got it back together.  Car is movable now, and probably fine for short journeys, as I imagine we'll be hard pressed to get another caliper by next weekend, given the short week.  Need to give it a quick test drive.

Had a very quick look (it was not far off getting dark at this point) at other caliper on the other side, that looks badly corroded, but might be serviceable, half tempted to get a caliper for that side as well.

I'd like to thank chrisgixer for popping over yesterday to lend a hand, as it had seemed like a completely lost cause at one point when bearings and springs flew everywhere.

General Discussion Area / That sonic boom yesterday....
« on: 05 March 2023, 10:45:56 »
....sounded and felt familiar, so the first thing I did was check the garage ;D

General Discussion Area / Outage today
« on: 18 February 2023, 09:23:53 »
Short notice, but we'll have an outage this morning as we move out databases to newer versions of Linux.

If time allows, I might even move the webserver over to it's planned replacement.

General Car Chat / Bending a rod
« on: 09 January 2023, 10:56:05 »
Got a piece of steel rod, probably about 4mm (maybe 5mm, I should measure it ;D), with a 90 degree bend in it.

I need the bend to go the other way (ie, 180 degrees from where it currently goes), am I best off trying to bend on the current bend, or by twisting the rod before the bend?

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