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General Discussion Area / That sonic boom yesterday....
« on: 05 March 2023, 10:45:56 »
....sounded and felt familiar, so the first thing I did was check the garage ;D

General Discussion Area / Outage today
« on: 18 February 2023, 09:23:53 »
Short notice, but we'll have an outage this morning as we move out databases to newer versions of Linux.

If time allows, I might even move the webserver over to it's planned replacement.

General Car Chat / Bending a rod
« on: 09 January 2023, 10:56:05 »
Got a piece of steel rod, probably about 4mm (maybe 5mm, I should measure it ;D), with a 90 degree bend in it.

I need the bend to go the other way (ie, 180 degrees from where it currently goes), am I best off trying to bend on the current bend, or by twisting the rod before the bend?

General Discussion Area / Well done all
« on: 04 January 2023, 11:08:37 »
I suspect later today, OOF will have had it's 2 millionth post :)

Well done all :y

General Discussion Area / Sack of shite
« on: 20 December 2022, 15:23:02 »
Apologies, the OOF database is running like treacle, due to an overheating issue.

Currently moving the VM to another host, so I can get the dust out of the current one, but the migration is also running like shite :(

General Discussion Area / Good ol' Chiltern Railways...
« on: 19 December 2022, 15:15:04 »
I love 'em.

No trains north of Banburyshire until 9th Jan, due to industrial action.  Means I can't do into the oriface for a month.  What a shame ;D

General Car Chat / Tube for vacuuming oil
« on: 08 December 2022, 09:21:40 »
I'm after a piece of semi rigid tubing to poke down the dipstick tube to suck oil out (that's a separate debate, best left to another day).  Do they have a specific name for me to search on, or can anyone recommend anything suitable.

The dipstick tube, like most, has a bend in it, so needs to be flexible.  The clear tubes I got with the vacuum pump and from Ezibleeds and from bits of old screen wash tubing I had are all a bit too flexible, so hard to get as much oil out as possible.

This hasn't been an issue on the Big Black Pussy, as the engine was designed to be vac'd, so already has a tube fitted (in place of dipstick), but on Little Nell, that has a real, proper dippy.

Any pointers greatly appreciated :y

General Discussion Area / My school never had this much spare money
« on: 08 November 2022, 17:51:39 »
To put on this sort of thing....

General Discussion Area / Varche Lane
« on: 24 September 2022, 13:54:32 »
Whilst cruising around Chalfont St Giles this morning, I came across Varche Lane.

So, now whenever I think of a long standing, regular member here of the same name, I will be reminded of the Chalfonts....


General Car Chat / The RAC
« on: 26 August 2022, 22:06:13 »
Called them at 9am

Can you guess how far Iíve made it since then?

General Car Chat / AGM v not AGM
« on: 05 August 2022, 16:32:57 »
Quickie question...

Can I use a non AGM battery in a car that was factory supplied with an AGM one?

General Discussion Area / Trolley Dollies
« on: 05 August 2022, 12:12:39 »
So, as in my experience, and male trolley dolly equivalents set off my gaydar, is Dr Gollum trying to tell us something....?

FFS. Really?

Forward warning that OOF may be unavailable over the next few days.

With the predicted extreme hot weather coming over the next few days we may have to temporarily turn off the physical servers that run OOF, which will result in OOF being completely unavailable.

We use standard (UK spec, not adverse conditions) HPE servers that will automatically shut down once the ambient temperature reaches 41C to protect itself.  To protect data integrity, we always proactively monitor this temperature and gracefully shut down the servers once the ambient is in the high 30s, as we have already had to do to one of the servers a few times in the last week already (normally we run with resilience, so nobody has noticed this yet). 

Given the outdoor temperatures are predicted to reach up to 40C over the next week in the southern part of the UK, its highly likely we will be in this situation.  With the servers powered down, OOF simply won't respond - you will see timeout errors or Page Not Responding errors.

In addition, once the temperatures drop sufficiently to power the servers back on, we will only do so if we believe we can keep them on for at least 12-16 hours, due to the way our distributed storage system has to resync all the data.

We also have a 10Gb switch in the path between these servers and the Internet, which has been alerting high temperature alarms, but hasn't shut itself down or misbehaved as of yet...

As always, we apologise for the inconvenience it causes, but also know that the majority of our users are in Western Europe, and will be similarly suffering, and not doing anything major to their cars!

Stay safe, and remember to keep an eye out for elderly relatives during this time.

General Discussion Area / Warm in TB Towers
« on: 11 July 2022, 12:48:29 »
Having a few temp issues here, one server is already off due to heat, and the switch that the other one is hanging off is alerting that it cant blow enough air to keep it cool.

So if the site appears offline for a bit, that'll be why

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