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Omega General Help / Erratic 2.2
« on: 23 December 2022, 23:16:12 »
Hi people, I have double trouble and hope i can at least fix one of my pair.
Both are 02 2.2 CDX auto saloons, and both are MOTd, the first issue may be obvious - car 1 is losing water and the header tank is pressurising, the heater works and the oil is fine, it also loses water at the rate of about 2 litres a week.
Car 2 - it has been a nightmare to start - firing & dying, firing and running on 3, then after about 10 mins it springs into normal life. I MOTd it Wednesday and on the way home it started revving erratically from tick over to 2000rpm on a cycle of about 2 seconds. I'm doing a test on car 1 tomorrow for gases in the expansion. Both cars have had long-term engine management lights on too.

Please help oh mighty gurus.  :D

Omega General Help / 4 cylinder crankshaft pulley
« on: 30 May 2022, 21:00:56 »
Hello fellow Omega peeps, I bet this one has been asked before. Pulling away from a supermarket carpark on Friday in my 03 2.2 I heard a loud metallic "TING!" and then battery light and no pas. The crankshaft pulley had separated! I got it home and have a s/h replacement to go on - I realise it might not last long - my question is 'in the pulley bolt left hand threaded, and is there a source of new or upgraded pulleys out there?'

Thanks - Chris.

Omega General Help / Climate control
« on: 14 March 2021, 14:57:03 »
I'm new to the luxury of climate control having recently taken ownership of a 2003 CDX 2.2
I was trying to work out how to turn it to Eco from Auto and realized you have to select one or more directional arrows.
Before i sussed this I'd held the AUTO button in and thought I'd broken something when I saw the temp go to 66 degrees!
Then I realized it had suddenly changed from C to F.
I quite like it in old money  ;D

Omega General Help / 2.0 front springs
« on: 13 March 2021, 18:36:52 »
Hi people, I've bought most of the front suspension parts to replace on my daily 8V Select estate - just need springs now.

My question is "are V6 and 4 cyl front springs different ratings?"

Thanks - Chris.

By the way, I've just taken ownership of my late mum's metallic black 2003 2.2 CDX auto saloon.
It has a perfect cream cloth interior, 90k, FSH, drives mint and is near perfect. I love it.  :'( :-*

Omega General Help / Removing an auto gear knob
« on: 03 July 2020, 00:14:41 »
Hi chaps, as the title says - I'm ordering new leather waiters and wondered how easy it is to remove an auto knob? I fitted them easily on my manual, but that has a smaller knob (ooh er missus).

Please help!

My poverty spec 8 valver had a heater that was about as warm as human breath in the winter, this led to me replacing the clogged matrix  in Feb. Although it has a tiny leak (had to reuse the O rings as the new matrix came without them) I can live wit that, what is driving me mad is the fact that once the car is up to temp the matrix is red hot....which is great - but so are my feet in the roasting foot-well!

Does anyone have any suggestions or have I done something wrong? The heater brows cold out of the face-vents, but with no air-con in 25+degrees weather it's like driving a sauna!  :-[

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Dash display unit
« on: 07 December 2019, 18:28:21 »
This has probably been asked a dozen times already but here goes.
My 97 2.0 car has virtually no pixels left working, is it better to replace rather than repair?
Also, I've seen several different part numbers, can anyone please help me out on code-necessity so I don't have to remove my dash first?
I know it needs to be removed for replacement, is there a thread I need to go to for swap-advise too?

Thanks in advance guys.  :y 

Omega General Help / Paint Codes
« on: 29 October 2019, 18:18:04 »
Can someone help me on paint codes please, I'm not familiar with modern paint coding.
My car is (I think) Satin Red (1997 est) the codes I see are VF 35 (is that Omega & estate) 35 was estate in the 60's/70's.
I'm assuming 2RV L96 M79 XN8 72L & 26 are all codes for trim, engine, transmission, paint code etc?
For the record I googled Satin Red and it wasn't even listed on a Vauxhall site? Have I got the wrong colour name?  :-[

Hello people, I guess this has been covered previously but I couldn't see an answer anywhere.
I have a 97 Select estate which has a damaged front bumper, I've just bought a good s/h one with fogs in. The wiring is clipped to the front bumper bar on the car but there is no front fog light switch on the dash - only a blank next to the rear fog switch. If I fit a just fit a switch will they work?  :P

Thanks in advance.

Omega General Help / Front seat magazine holders
« on: 13 August 2019, 20:27:51 »
Hello people, I haven't been on here for quite a while as I have been working on recommissioning my Carlton, but I have now finally found a nice interior for my 2.0 8v Omega estate. I have a (hopefully) simple question  :)

My estate is a 97 car and I've bought  a grey leather interior from a 98 Elite. I also found matching front seats from a 97 saloon, I guess the experts among you will know the 97 doesn't have side airbags and the 98 does, as well as the rear-mounted hard plastic magazine holders with black elasticated retainers.

Basically, the 97 front seats are going in with the rest of the 98 interior, but the 97 fronts have the stretchy vinyl magazine holders that are broken and split. Can I remove the entire hard back panels from the 98 seats to replace the 97 ones?

By the way, if anyone needs an excellent black leather saloon interior (seats & door cards) for a 97 saloon let me know.

Thanks in advance - ChrisP.

As I've fitted Elite seats / door cards to my poverty spec Select, I now need to fit electric rear motors (I'm not just upgrading the interior for vanity reasons, the interior was already mismatched and filthy and damaged, so I had to, so why not go the whole hog) I'm pretty sure it'll be straight forward with all the necessary wiring to hand too.

Probably a stupid question, but I just wondered where the operating switches go?  :-[

Omega General Help / gear stick and handbrake gaiter
« on: 02 May 2018, 14:39:55 »
I was just wondeting if any members have purchased either of these from Ebay tgat actually fitted? I bought one amd it was pretty poor. I need a set for an early manual. Also, could amyone tell me if the pattern of the leather seats is the same from early elite to late please?
Thank you. Chris.

Omega General Help / poor heating
« on: 27 April 2018, 14:41:42 »
My non a/c 98 2.0 heater only just gets warm with the dial  the way round to the red. The temp gauge reads between 92 - 95. Is this a common fault?
Thanks in advance.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / electric seat swapping
« on: 25 April 2018, 21:18:34 »
Hi, firstly I did go through a few threads regarding seats, but I couldn't quite find the answer to my problem, so apologies in advance if you've heard this one before.

I have a 98 Select estate with two non-working electric front seats. The drivers seat is from a later car as far as I can tell. I have bought a full interior from a 98 Elite and want to know if I can swap like for like regards the wiring. I realise the rear seat will probably be impossible to modify, but I'll cross that bridge later. Can anyone tell me what I need to do this swap. Or have a made a big mistake?  ???

Thanks in advance - Chris.

Newbie Welcome Area / Hello
« on: 25 April 2018, 20:53:06 »
Hi, I have recently bought a poverty-spec '98 Select estate, which is a one-owner car.
I have also owned my Carlton Diplomat for 19 years along with several 60's Vauxhall's. Glad to be aboard.  :y

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