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General Car Chat / Mot Q.
« on: 29 November 2021, 23:01:45 »
Is a non opening tailgate an MoT failure?

General Car Chat / The Barge Emissions issue... Live data.
« on: 29 November 2021, 18:38:48 »
Following from my previous post, I have found no evidence of air leaks pre or post combustion.

Two can of Wynns Injector Cleaner and two tanks of V Power.

Live data is as follows, (car up to temp):

1. Bank 1 Closed Loop.
2. Bank 2 Closed Loop.
3. Load Value 22%.
4. Coolant Temp 80C.
5. B1 STFT 0.8/-1.6%.
6. B1 LTFT 10.2%.
7. B2 STFT 0.8/-1.6%.
8. B2 LTFT 11.7%
9. Inlet Manifold Absolute Pressure 0.0 kPa.
10. Crank speed 684/702.
11. Vehicle Speed 0.0 Mph.
12. Ignition Advance -12.
13. Intake Air Temp 24C.
14. Air Flow 4 g/s.
15. Throttle 2%.
16. Secondary Air Off (not installed from factory. Wiring present but plugs blanked from build).
17. B1S1 Output 0.090/0.770 V.
18. B1S1 STFT 0.8/-1.6%.
19. B1S2 Output 0.000 V.
20. B1S2 STFT 99.2%.
21. B2S1 Output 0.090/0.740 V.
22. B2S1 STFT 0.8/-1.6%.
23. B2S2 Output 0.000 V.
24. B2S2 STFT 99.2%.

Ignition retardation (negative advance), B1/2 S2 voltages stand out as unexpected.

Increase the RPM to 2,500 and the Ignition drops back to - 39.

Any values with two numbers are the extremes of the fluctuations, generally sitting in the middle.

General Discussion Area / There's still hope...
« on: 19 November 2021, 22:31:53 »
Kyle Rittenhouse found Not Guilty on all counts

At least we now know the real reason Biden needs his bowels checking...

General Discussion Area / Getting back into Blighty...
« on: 13 November 2021, 20:23:37 »
Isn't as bad as being made out... That's to say the queueing isn't caused by the automatic gates as much as they way they are programmed and the people using them.

The E gates should be efficient and idiot proof... But there are two reasons they won't let you through...

1. People don't understand that they have to fully insert their palm on top of their passport in order to ensure the page being scanned is perfectly flat... If you don't, then the spine binding stops the page from laying flat creating shadows and distortion that the scanner cannot process.

2. The Passenger Locator paperwork is linked to your passport number. Any issue with the Passenger Locator form and it won't let you through, even if your passport scans correctly. But it doesn't tell you that.

In both cases, it simply tells you to "Try Again".

Unfortunately, the way they are programmed, you have to fail 3 attempts before it lets you back out and tells you to seek assistance. And each attempt takes about 30 seconds. Only one in five people using each of the gates at Gatwick on Thursday afternoon made it through on the first attempt, and typically it takes 30-45 seconds to get the camera and scanner to tally.

Point being, follow the instructions and ensure that you have filled the required online documents correctly and you won't be held up or hold anyone else up.

And that's before you get to the retards that think facial recognition will magically see through a face mask when it compares you with your photo.

But, no, the media would have you believe that the queues are down to a lack of staff and that it is everyones fault except the people who can't follow simple instructions...

It took an hour to get to the car from the plane landing.

General Discussion Area / Overhearing the strangest things...
« on: 08 November 2021, 21:43:08 »
... Completely out of context...

1. English girl, probably somewhere around twelve, and definitely from Mancchester (from the God awful accent)... Running over to parents shouted out the following: "What happens when I get my balls in?"

Apparently playing pool with her cheating younger sibling.

2. Slightly older German couple... Sitting next to a sub 40 ish Dutch couple. German chap turns to the Dutch couple and asks, in German, if they are also German.

No say the Dutch couple in unison in perfect English, "No, we're Dutch. From Holland"

"Oh" says the German man, "Do you speak German?"
"A little" says the Dutch person. In perfect German.
"Oh" says the German man again. "Do you know the time? We've been here five days and I still don't know what the time is, only we fly home tomorrow.".
Dutch chap replies, again in perfect German, "It's an hour behind Frankfurt. But you're on holiday. No one cares about a single hour"
Ze Germans face was a picture.

Generally, if you watch people long enough, you can tell exactly where they come from by the way they say, "Oh 'dangle berries', I have forgotten my mask" as they try to find an unoccupied table to put the twenty glasses or stack of plates down in a frantic attempt not to be noticed ;D

Travelling by yourself can be entertaining as people can't figure out where you come from unless you talk to them.

And when you do find people you want to talk to, everyone then makes no end of assumptions about you based on who you spoke to... It's like Eldorado, only live ;D

General Discussion Area / US Grand Prix (possible spoiler)...
« on: 07 November 2021, 23:47:28 »
Verstappen and Hamilton both finished.

General Discussion Area / You know you're on holibobs when...
« on: 30 October 2021, 13:43:05 »
You've checked in, dumped the bags, fought through security and made it to the bar for that first "Aaaand breathe..."

General Car Chat / Mot Q.
« on: 22 October 2021, 13:29:47 »
The Barge is going in for a pre test next week and I thought I would give it a quick once over.

NSF the rear lower ball joint has just under a mm of play. Is that acceptable?

Its the one press fitted into the hub carrier...

General Discussion Area / Are degrees a worthwhile investment?
« on: 19 October 2021, 11:41:31 »
OK, that question is somewhat vague... 'Left handed puppetry' or 'The vagaries of Baroque folk music in Alpine Austria, during Easter Week' would be of zero commercial value and you would need to be extremely bored to even entertain them.

Considering an industry specific BSc which should provide a reasonable jump in income for the 15-20 years before retirement.

The alternative, would be to seek employment as an unlicensed aircraft mechanic to build experience to first become a licensed mechanic/A Licence (3 years verified, specific experience required in addition to 12 theory exams... I have one left 8) ) followed by a further two years and fourteen more exams (included within the degree if I choose that process) to become a licensed aircraft engineer/B1 licence.

The BSc includes the B1/B2 and reduces the five years experience normally required to two years but also opens up opportunities otherwise unavailable. The A Licence modules I have completed are accepted as an alternative to recent relevant A Levels/Level 3 passes.

My current role, whilst hands on within the industry, doesn't provide for experience beyond the occasional opportunity to assist, and whilst that is great for a bit of experience and might eventually open a door to the possibility of progression, it isn't a long term strategy... So I would be looking to move on within the next six months regardless. Basically I need to be building solid experience and quickly.

Has anyone else undertaken a degree a bit later usual? And was it worth it?

General Discussion Area / No accounting for taste...
« on: 30 September 2021, 16:17:47 »

General Discussion Area / Got a letter from the DVLA today.
« on: 29 September 2021, 15:44:34 »
Apparently I have an hgv licence, and they were wondering if I would like to use it...  ;D

It was full of helpful, promising words like might, and possibly and appreciation.

I might write back and ask if sending a letter to every hgv licence holder is a constructive use of their resources :-X

Current part time gig is a temporary alternative to overtime and is basically spending money for my impending hollibobs.

Fixing really expensive Lego is far more interesting/challenging/enjoyable...and hour for hour pays better.

General Car Chat / Vectra C upgrade options...
« on: 16 September 2021, 18:55:03 »

That should give the VXR a run for its money in the torque steer stakes :D

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