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I have a problem on my 2002 2.6 CDX Estate Ė if I use more than half throttle it starts to lurch as it cuts out, comes back in, cuts out again, until I lift off the throttle and it runs OK again. If I donít lift off within a few seconds it suffers a sudden loss of power as it goes into limp mode. If that happens Iíll pull in and switch off for a minute or two and it restarts again.

Once youíve gradually got it up to speed itíll maintain motorway speeds and the mpg hasnít deteriorated. The fault is long-standing and not intermittent.

I had it into my local garage last year but they couldnít get to the bottom of it and said it was probably the ECU.

Additionally itís now started missing at tickover up to 2,500rpm and the engine management light is permanently on.

Iíve read on here a number of times over the years that itís hardly ever the ECU thatís the problem, but that garages often say itís the ECU because they canít figure out what else it could be. So, could it be the ECU? If not, then what else could it be?

Hi guys, I have an '02 CDX Estate 2.6 Ė I was looking on eBay for a s/h replacement blower fan resistor ("hedgehog") and found a number of vendors selling brand new ones for around £20. Example here:

Has anyone had any experience of using these cheap ones or would it be better to get a known-working used one?


Iím having a problem with the driver-side door mirror Ė the electrically operated left/right adjustment has stopped working. No motor noise at all, just dead.

The up/down movement still works just fine.

Thereís no evidence of a physical jam-up as I can move the mirror on its left/right axis with my fingers.

Can anyone suggest a logical sequence of events to investigate & rectify this?

Many thanks.

Omega General Help / Multiple warning lights & speedo goes dead
« on: 01 July 2011, 20:36:58 »
A weird and disconcerting thing happened today. Doing 70mph and the ABS and traction control lights came on and the speedo needle fell to zero!

It stayed like this for about 5 miles until I came to a halt, then everything worked OK, but by the time I parked-up half-a-mile later the error condition had returned.

I returned to the car two hours later, started engine and all was back to normal*. By the time I'd got out of the car park the warning lights were back on along with dead speedo.

Throughout this worrying intermittency the braking and engine performance seemed unaffected.

*I should say at this stage that "normal" has lately been with the orange 'engine' light showing. My usual mechanics say this is a 'cat error' caused by a knackered No. 6 cylinder not burning the mixture efficiently.

2.6 CD Omega estate with 182K miles.

Any idea what this problem might be? And what's the likelihood of it causing a breakdown as we've a long journey to do this weekend?

Thanks for any advice you might be able to share.

Omega General Help / Any aircon specialists on forum/recommended?
« on: 10 August 2009, 22:39:04 »
About a year ago I had the aircon system checked for leaks and regassed on my 2001 Omega 2.6 Estate CDX. It improved it a bit but it would only ever get cool, never properly cold. The servo reset procedure made no difference.

Are there any aircon specialists on the forum who could fix it for me, or perhaps recommend a trustworthy place within an hour or two's drive of Watford/Hemel area?

Thanks for reading.


Newbie Welcome Area / Hello peeps
« on: 22 October 2007, 14:15:25 »
Hi everyone! Great site, glad I found it. †:y

I'm on my third Omega now (yeah, I kinda like 'em). Just got it a few weeks ago after a 3-year absence from the marque. Previous two were my wife's company-cars but I missed the Omega so bad I had to spend my own money this time to get one †:o

It's a 2001 Omega 2.6 Estate CDX auto with a galactic 154K miles on the clock - but you'd never guess, it's really nice and smooth and straight. One-owner from new with a full service-history - quite a rare find I would guess.

My name's Chris and I'm 52, live in Hertfordshire, and I'm also a big fan of motorcycles and American muscle cars.

Looking forward to participating and getting to know you guys.

General Discussion Area / Who's got the biggest then (mileage)?
« on: 24 October 2007, 13:14:08 »
I thought my car had a galactic mileage at 154K until ElitePete mentioned his had done 172K.

What kind of mileages are you guys at, anyone beat Pete's?

General Discussion Area / Hypocrite top copper
« on: 31 October 2007, 14:24:09 »
Quote from a news release: "Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, who is head of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Road Policing Policy, has been caught speeding for the third time. On this occasion he is alleged to have been travelling at 90mph in a 60mph limit, which leaves him facing a ban and a maximum £1000 fine if convicted."

This is the pillock who wants even more speed cameras on our roads, preferably the hidden variety. He clearly doesn't believe that speeding is dangerous - unless, of course, it's you or I who's doing it.

This prat cannot possibly be allowed to keep his position of ACPO's head of RPP - it's like having a convicted thief in charge of the Royal Mint!

Oh, btw, isn't exceeding a speed limit by 30mph an automatic ban anyway, regardless of totting-up? What's the betting that the charge is modified to 88mph before it gets to court and that he keeps his licence as it's ", , , essential for his role as head of RPP". Bastards.

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