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Test Zone / z22xe running problems
« on: 25 August 2022, 19:54:23 »
hi my 2.2 cdx Z22XE has been chilling in the garage through the very hot weather , took it to garage to sort out the slight blowing from the cat-manifold joint . nice and easy however , on checking the oil i found that it had gone milky so did oil and filter change straight away , did the gasket on the exhaust joint finding it didnt make any difference when done as .015 feeler guages still fit through the gap and i didnt have any type of paste so will need to redo . on driving back to bed , is running like theres oil in the plug wells ( they are bone dry been checking regularly ) and there also seems to be a sloshing sound !!! the only other thing i did that day was connected the after cat sensor as i noticed that was unplugged .. im leaning towards doing the head gasket ( which i want to do anyway at some point so i know its good ) as it seems to have been drinking coolant as well . i know it could be running like a sack because of false pressure readings at manifold due to leak ... ive also got new cam sensor and coolant valve ready to go on as i thought loss of coolant was the valve at the back . i will redo the exhaust with paste ! and switch out the cam sensor and water switch ( is it hbv valve or something ) . has anybody got any other ideas as what the issues could be ? im 60% sure its a head gasket job even tho only on 67000 miles it has been used for towing .

iyl do the minor possibles first then if need be crack on with the head gasket .

Newbie Welcome Area / hellol
« on: 19 April 2022, 12:39:23 »
hi all , i bought a 2.2 manual cdx ( Z22XE ) back in october , had the usual rocker cover gasket to sort out straight away , just started drinking coolant which i think is the valve at the back of the engine ( which im waiting for delivery ) . i decided to do a left hand only service yesterday ( my right shoulder is buggered so im currently off work ) when finished i had a good look around for oil leaks and found what seems to be a very small leak comming from the bell housing joint and running down and dripping of the passenger side lower stud . i cant see it coming from anywhere further up the block which has me leaning towards rear crankshaft seal ? its only very minute and just looks like a gold piece of cotton running down the housing joint and there are certanly no clutch issues ... im having to use my omega for a everyday jalop atm even tho my plan was to garage it and only bring it out to play in the summer . i have 3 vauxhalls ,, corsa B 1.0 ( which we are still working on the MOT emmisions , supposed to be my everyday car ) and also a astra DT estate which is in the middle of a full strip and rebuild ... the omega is running great only other small issues are when starting from cold i have to give the exhaust time to heat up and seal the tiny hole up at exhaust to manifold joint ( i know this is a sign of something worse but i did the cat just over a month ago and had to re use the old gasket with paste and noticed a small leak ) anyway once the exhaust has expanded and sealed the leak after a restart the engine runs sweet i have now got new gasket and will be fitting during the week . . and a lower ball joint , ive got 2 replacements but have the fun of drilling the studs out on the old ones .. thanks for reading ... richard

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