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General Car Chat / Heavy Oil Stain
« on: 15 September 2023, 07:02:47 »
Iíll keep this brief because it is what it is Ö I have made a balls up and kicked over a bucket of used engine oil from my 3.2 project, all over my concrete driveway. Up to three litres spilled. Covered in compost (all I had nearby) to stop the spread, I later removed this and went and got some cat litter which soaked it all up, but (obviously) has left a big (big!) black stain. Letís say half a meter square - significant.

Someone on OOF must have been in this position before  ::) Any tips on removing the stain, please? Itís grey concrete, not tarmac.

Cheers 👍🏻

Need a rear set of seats for an estate. Any type considered, even if itís a mismatch, as a stopgap to get the car MOT worthy. Cheers

Omega General Help / 2.2 Head Gasket Material Type
« on: 07 August 2023, 00:29:06 »
Sorry to sound dim, but Iím getting old and itís been over a decade since I did any meaningful work on a 4 banger Omega Ö can someone please tell me if the 2.2 petrol uses a composite, or a multi-layer steel head gasket?

Many thanks in advance :y :y

I have here an iCarsoft i908 device. Itís for VW / Audi / Skoda. It will read, reset, and do live data from all systems inc engine, transmission, airbag, ABS ETC.

£55 posted. Itís like new with the original manual and carry case. I bought it to sort a relatives car and itís only ever been used once.

They are a lot more than this on mainstream selling sites :y

Wanted - two wheels to fit Omega please. Any tyres even flat ones. Itís just to keep a breaker rolling to go on a truck :y

General Car Chat / Cooked it
« on: 27 June 2023, 20:54:09 »
My lovely 2.6 which passed her MOT literally three or four days ago.

Savagely cooked to death on the motorway.

I had a Seat Leon on my arse, so gave it some beans to create some distance before moving back in.

Looked in rear view mirror - loads and loads of white looking smoke.

Was too dangerous to stop (no hard shoulder at that point) so carefully kept going. Smoke seemed to clear. No rise in temp gauge or coolant level warnings.

Three miles before the next junction (services), a load of really nasty ratting, power loss, and dead as a dodo.

Fair to say itís cooked.

I will be robbing the parts I want to make my 3.2 good, and then breaking it. Real shame but, the paint is poor, and now with a goosed engine, she is toast :(


Omega General Help / Sodium filled Valves
« on: 22 June 2023, 15:41:05 »
Hi Folks,

Can someone please confirm which models were fitted with sodium filled valves? Was it just the 3.0, or did the 3.2 get them too?

Also, I'm guessing it's just exhaust valves, not inlet? :y

General Discussion Area / Washing Machine woes
« on: 22 June 2023, 14:48:59 »
I have a Hotpoint washing machine, WMFUG742PUK.

I put a load of washing in it the other day, and upon spin, it sounded like a bag of spanners - almost needed ear defenders!

I let it finish, and emptied it. I then checked the drum, and as suspected, the bearings at the back of the drum have fallen to bits, you can feel the drum shaft banging around in the bearing races.

I started to strip down the machine today, and upon removing the top, noticed that the drum is a bloody sealed unit!

You always used to be able to uncouple it with screws/bolts, to take the drum apart and get to the bearings. Now it's all one mould!

This is absolutely criminal - if I could get to the bearings, I could replace them for a tenner. But instead, I have to buy either a new "integrated drum unit" which is almost £300, or, at that price, avoid the hassle and just get a new machine dropped off.

I've never seen so much nonsense, what an absolute throwaway society.

I've looked at the drum unit, and I do quite fancy my chances of cutting along the seam with a fine saw blade, and drillling a load of small holes to insert locking nuts/bolts to hold it together. Perhaps with some grey VX oil cooler goo to seal it back up  ::)

Clearly a trick by the cock of a manufacturer to stop DIY / independent repairs and make you buy more of their products  >:(

General Car Chat / 2002 Omega MOT
« on: 21 June 2023, 22:46:24 »
Passed this afternoon, no worries at all!

Advisories to watch the front brake pipes (starting to look a bit rusty!) and rear tyres close to legal limit. No structural rust advisories.

The 21 year old steed lives on  :y

Iíve done loads to her in the last couple of months.

Cambelt full kit
Water pump
Aux belt tensioner
Aux belt
New genuine stainless oil cooler
All filters
Cam gaskets

To name a few.

70 miles to the MOT today (trusted station in my
Hometown!) and was smooth and powerful,
Lovey v6 roar :y

Omega General Help / 2.6 - No Gear Selector Lights / Dead TCM?
« on: 05 June 2023, 11:43:04 »
Hi Folks, hope everyone is well. Just a quick query if I may please.

I am almost certain I have missed something really stupid, and I've not investigated in any great detail due to running out of time, and having to go on a short notice trip abroad, today. It's one of those things that I decided to walk away from, because if I look at it with a fresh head, I'll probably spot the problem straight away!

But, I won't get chance to look before the weekend, so I thought I'd instigate a discussion in the meantime, which may give me some ideas.

Background (you'll see in a moment why this is relevent) - in September I bought a 2.6 (2002 model) unseen from Arsebook marketplace. Cheap enough that I didn't care if it blew up on the way home. 98k miles, some faded paint and a dent in a rear door, but otherwise excellent condition.

The first 60 miles of the drive home were uneventful. I noticed that the 1-2 gearchange was a bit more pronounced than the others (although not rough) but nothing else stood out. After then, the battery charging light started to illuminate - first, dimly, but got brighter and brighter. Then, the dash lit up like a Christmas tree - ABS, TC, Engine lights, I can't recall exactly which ones, but it was like blackpool illuminations.

The engine kept running, though, so I ran the gauntlet and parked up in a safe place about 10 miles from home.

The next day, I fitted a fresh battery. It started up, but the charging light was still firmly on. A multimeter across the battery showed it was not charging at all. Whilst I don't believe in co-incidences, it was fine for the first 60 miles, so I can only assume the alternator threw in the towel half way home. I also noticed some small brown deposits in the header tank, which were definitely oil contamination, so it looked like the oil cooler was in the very early stages of failing.

I took it off the road at this point and took it to bits to replace cambelt kit, oil cooler kit, water pump, aux belt and tensioner, new alternator, radiator, thermostat, HBV, rocker cover gaskets, spark plugs, oil and filter. I also changed the header tank because the old one was manky and wouldn't clean very well. I disconnected all of the engine loom to do the work, apart from the connections under the car (gearbox and lambdas).

Yesterday I finally got it all finished. The engine runs very sweetly indeed and I'm pleased - but there is a small problem.

I noticed the engine light (with the spanner) and the TC lights were illuminated. A stop and restart, and they soon came back. I then noticed that there were NO lights at all, illuminated on the gear selector area. For example, if it's in park, there would be an orange light next to P. There is nothing at all there. Sport and winter mode don't work, so it appears the Transmission is in limp mode (which it wasn't before).

Interestingly, the temperature gauge on the dahsboard also isn't working, and I am certain the spade connector is correctly home.

Obviously, I need to read the codes / see what can be seen on live data, but I didn't have time to configure the laptop last night.

Things I have checked:

Following plugs, all securely home (reseated to be sure):

Selector switch
Both plugs to the gearbox, the square one in the front sump, and round one to the rear.
Speed sensor at rear of gearbox.
All lambdas, in correct connectors.
(none of the above was disturbed during the work).

I can also confirm the following connectors are firmly home and correctly connected:

Crank Sensor
Cam Sensor
Both Coil Packs
Both Knock Sensors
Carbon Valve
Fuel Injectors
Throttle Body DBW connector
Both Rams
Auxialiary coolant pumps
All radiator sensors

The three round connectors by the battery were my prime suspect, I have taken apart, double and triple checked them. They are clean, and securely home, all with a satisfying click.

I've also checked F6, (80 amp TCM fuse in the engine bay) which is intact.

The body earths under the battery tray - present and correct (and tight)

I have also checked that the battery terminals are secure, and that all of the smaller cables that connect to them, are correctly affixed (I compared it to my 3.2, they are all there, and correctly home).

It's almost as if the TCM is completely dead / doesn't have power.

I will plug in the poor mans Tech2 and see what it's telling me if anything, but I would be grateful for any ideas in the meantime :y

Just on the offchance - does anyone please have a set of late v6 heads for sale, or even more unlikely, does anyone have any inlet valves kicking around?

I get a feeling my new project is going to need 12 of Ďem ÖÖ

General Car Chat / Bought another
« on: 24 May 2023, 15:24:37 »
Iíve not yet quite finished the 2.6 project Ö. And now Iíve bought another Omega!

A 2003, 3.2 V6 came up on Facebook marketplace. Only a few miles from me.

Owner seems a very genuine guy. He said ďthe water pump pulley broke, I replaced the pulley and unit, but checked the cambelt and it had slipped / sheared teeth or similar.

Plan is to attempt a fix. Will do head-off work if needs be although itís slow progress with my back. Itís had a lot of work including new sills for last MOT. 

Will be making every effort to get it running again, would be criminal to break a 3.2 if it can be fixed.

£500. Canít loose and will enjoy the summer tinkering now the 2.6 is almost done.

Iíll have to sell one of them in due course. Canít keep two. Tempted to keep the 2.6, itís not so good paint wise, but mechanically Iíve replaced everything imaginable under the Bonnet!

General Car Chat / £4,000 Omega GLS?
« on: 28 April 2023, 02:07:09 »
Omega GLS
Almost 22 years old
Peeling lacquer
Advisories for corrosion
No cambelt history
Auto gearbox is ďjumpyĒ

A bargain at just under 4 grand  ::)

Based on this, I might sell mine for £10k and go on holiday to Mexico  :D

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted: V6 Alternator
« on: 11 April 2023, 17:35:07 »
Does anyone have an alternator in working condition for a 2.6/3.2 please? Thanks :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted: servo pipe
« on: 06 April 2023, 18:53:07 »
Need a servo to plenum pipe please. With intact vacuum connections :y

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