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Author Topic: Anyone have a spare fuel pump for a 2.2 DTI?  (Read 181 times)

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Anyone have a spare fuel pump for a 2.2 DTI?
« on: 22 July 2021, 00:13:41 »

The fuel pump on my 2001 2.2 DTI has packed up again.

The first time was 18 months ago when it needed a new electronic board - see 2001 Omega 2.2 DTI diesel started > stalled > will not start.

This time I braked sharply when a bus cut a corner and the engine promptly died.  It was fortunately outside a garage so I enlisted help and we pushed it to the garage and I said "Please fix it".  When they checked the fuel filter they found metal filings in it which they suggested, as the leak off pipes run to the fuel filter, could be from the pump itself, suggesting the pump is irreparably damaged. Many years ago I got a leak in the leak off pipes and had to crank the engine for about a minute before it fired so I am wondering if that running without fuel in the pump, which presumably lubricates it, might have damaged it.  But, it has happily run for years since then ...

Anyway, they want to fit a new pump the price of which still has me wincing with pain. I apparently did a very good impression of John McEnroe.

Anyone have one in a box in the corner of the garage that they are looking for a good home for it?  If so, could we do a deal where I pass greasy oncers** your way in exchange for it?  I promise I will look after it carefully and give it lots of TLC.

Or any other good ideas?  I am thinking it's probably the electronics again so I should just get a replacement board and try it - after all, the previous one ran for 18 months.  Or anyone know a good source of repairers / refurbed or even new pumps?  Mrs Google tells me about Diesel Bob who says (according to my last thread the pump is a Bosch VP44)

Words of caution:

Our experience has shown that certain types of injection pump CANNOT BE SUCCESSFULLY reconditioned, these pump types currently stand as being:

Bosch VP44 PSG16 (has part number starting as: 04705042--, & has 2 electrical plugs on it's top)

Despite a number of firms offering to recon these types of injection pump we strongly advise staying clear, the potential for headaches, stress, an empty wallet & court case is very high.


** For those too young to remember, 1 notes used to be green ...
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