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Author Topic: Diesel Lifter Pump Fuse + Relay.  (Read 827 times)

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Diesel Lifter Pump Fuse + Relay.
« on: 03 August 2021, 21:49:02 »

Hello all,
I wanted to ask if anyone could tell me the location of the fuse and or relay for the in-tank lifter pump on a 2.5 td opel omega, many thanks.

Previous post:
"Car is Opel Omega, 2.5td, 2000.
Working on fuel tank lift pump after injector pump rebilid and no fuel to rail, lifter pump extracted and found not working after testing, filter badly clogged with sticky residue, car stood 4 years, looking like cause of the pump failure.
Wanted to ask if anyone knows if the electric lifter pump should be working and pumping when ignition on, but engine not started or after engine is started and running?
I am getting no voltage at the connector for the pump in the boot on the tank when the ignition is on, but getting +12v to the float connection ok and guage in dash is reading correctly.
So wanted to also ask if anyone knows if there is a fuse and / or relay to the lifter pump that could have also failed and showing no v+ at the connector?"

Thanks Doctor golum for his response:
On the petrol cars, the pump runs for a second when the ignition is first switched to 2. It then won't run until the engine has fired.

Donít know if this applies to the diesel.  :-\

It could be that the relay has burnt out. Don't overlook the fuses too
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