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Omega General Help / Re: front wishbone bushes
« on: 29 December 2009, 11:06:14 »
Hi guys,  I had wishbone play in my '99 Omega 2.5TD.  Easiest (and best) solution is to replace wishbones complete, as well as drop links (while you have it apart).  That saves messing about trying to press out bushes, etc.  Got mine (pattern parts) from a local Auto Factor (Chalmers, Gravesend).  Got pattern MacPherson strut inserts at same time.  Did the job myself (only special tools needed are spring compressor and ball-joint splitter).  All fitted perfectly, passed MOT and have done 16k miles since.  Excellent - no "bump-thumping".  One word of advice on fitting, though:  On 2.5TD models (maybe others, too), the nearside wishbone bolts' heads (on upper side) are inaccessible with normal spanners or sockets, due to oil cooler pipes running over them.  Trick is, once lower nut is loosened, to cut a slot in the bolt end (lower side) and use a big screwdriver in the cut slot to hold bolt steady, while undo-ing nut with a ring spanner.  Doing up is reverse, then torque up, once nipped up.  Whole job - 3 hours solo.  Good luck. ;D

Hi guys, I used "Cool car" air conditioning parts online service to get a new condenser for my 1999 2.5 TD (fits most other pre-facelift units).  Bargain price, excellent delivery.  For North Kent, a good installation, testing and gassing service is available at T S Auto Repairs (Gravesend DA12 2PA) - 01474 564038.  They do most of my maintenance. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Front Bumpers and Facelifts
« on: 30 December 2009, 19:31:00 »
Talking about front bumpers, I bought a "mini facelift" front bumper from GoonV6 (Thanks) but it has the black plastic cover plate (left hand side top of black part) missing.  Anyone know what it is, so I don't look daft  ::) when asking for one?  Anyone got one? :D



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