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Help with Insignia headlamp Connector

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Hi all,
I need a bit of help with an Insignia headlamp connector which I broke when removing the headlamp. I've got a replacement that came with a cut off connector still attached. Great I thought!
However, the cable tails are a little too short to extend so I would like to extract the cables and contacts from this plug and put the ones on my car back in. I will then end up with a working plug.
Problem is, I can't get them out. I've tried squeezing the contacts and pulling the wire (and contact) out of the rear and also tried to pull them out of the front but nothing is moving. Does anyone know how these work?

Thanks for looking.


Nick W:
The terminals have a small lug sticking out that latches into the connector.

If you look down through the mating joint with a light(and maybe a magnifying glass), you'll see it. This needs to be moved back before pushing the terminal back out of the connector. A fine pick, jeweller's screwdriver or specific tool is needed to do this.

You might find it easier to buy new terminals for this job; they're dirt cheap, and easy to fit.

Or you could de-pin your damaged plug, and fit them into the replacement without modifying the wiring.

Thanks Nick,

That makes sense. there's not a lot of space within the plug to see, but now I know they come out backwards, it helps a lot.
De-pinning the broken plug and re-inserting the wires and connectors into the new one is exactly what I would ideally like to do.


Doctor Gollum:

Starter for 10...

Thanks for the link Doc, I'll have a look at that if I can't find what I need at home.


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