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Trying to do my bit for the planet, I swapped my 7 year old 2.0l petrol Mondeo, which has been absolutely faultless, Iíve only paid for service items, for a 1 year old, 6k, Kuga PHEV, and would like to test the batteries, can anyone recommend an OBD tester which will work on these cars?
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Marks DTM Calib:
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I would be getting plenty of Gaffer tape, Kugas leak water into the cabin like the preverbial and from bloody everywhere, just been diaging one at work for a collegue, in this case it was the sealent around the slam panel to boot floor interface being crap, and you can see similar all over the car (and when you search for common water leaks, you get that many potential sources!).

As for reading the PHEV battery parameters, it needs quite a specialist tool to access it sadly

Any other good news Mark? Iíve seen the one on here  at £80 and was hoping to get one that works cheaper. 

Marks DTM Calib:

--- Quote from: Shackeng on 30 January 2023, 16:01:45 ---Any other good news Mark? Iíve seen the one on here  at £80 and was hoping to get one that works cheaper.

--- End quote ---

Right, had a chat to one of my guys who is Ex Ford Brasil.

He pointed me at this;

Which is similar to "My Naff Code Reader" but with much more support

As for the water ingress, some areas to check in this list:

dave the builder:
I looked into Fraud Kuga Diagnostics etc (the outlaws have a 2019 tractor juice version)
I got a Forscan dongle in the end  :y
plenty of versions  of dongle (OBD2 plug) ,I got the one that switches between high and low canbus .
you have to get an authorisation code (pretty simple) and there are (basic) free and in depth paid for versions of he software  .
fortunately ,other than a new battery(needed the car told) nothing has gone wrong YET  :-X  :P  :D


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