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Replacing bonded side windows.

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Migv6 le Frog Fan:
Son has a MK7 Civic and one of his side windows has suddenly developed a crack.
Im pretty sure its bonded to the body, and Autoglass have quoted £600 to replace it !  :o
Can probably got the glass from an ebay breaker for around £30, but not sure about adhesive.
Tiger Seal springs to mind, but probably to slow in going off, so may be better to get the stuff they use for windscreens.
Taking the old glass out I think is a case of wear welding gauntlets and use wire (maybe a guitar string or similar) to cut through the sealant. Took an Omega windscreen out with Zirk once using a similar technique.
Anyone done anything similar ?


Nick W:
You can buy the stuff that's used for screens, so I wouldn't use anything less.

Having attempted to remove bonded in screens with improvised equipment many years ago, I wouldn't attempt it again. Not now suitable tools are easily and cheaply available LINK

Marks DTM Calib:
You want some windscreen glass cutting wire, can get basic kits with handles for about a tenner

Then you need to remove as much of the old bonding from the frame as possible, again you can get tools/scrapers which make this much easier

Next you need proper windscreen sealant/glue, again not to pricey but watch the vides as you need to shape the nozzel to get the correct thickness of bead

Migv6 le Frog Fan:
Thanks chaps. I will act on the advice and have a go at the job.  :y

Migv6 le Frog Fan:
Son arrived with the car today so I had a look at the crack in the window.
Itís a scratch on the glass ffs !    ::)  ;D


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