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I will be spending a few days with my daughter in Devon soon.  she wants me to drive down to Bordon ,Hamshire leave my car at her house then she will drive me , her hubby & my wife & son to Brixham Devon. however its a very long journey for me hence I looked at the direct route from Nth Yorks to Brixham . M1 , M5. an estimated 5 1/2 hrs. so when i checked on the route its telling me the M5 south of Birmingham is closed , could anybody enlighten me why thst is & for how long.  :y

One lane closed according to the local news around Worcester, not heard anything lower down

Only closure on AA website is between Jct's 17&18A. around Brizzle. That's now of course, depends when you are thinking of travelling Ray.

All clear

Doctor Gollum:
Go with her from Bordon. Quality time and a pleasant stroll past StoneHenge :y


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