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Is the owner of OV03LJN on here?

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Is the owner of the silver omega OV03LJN that's being eaten by ivy on a driveway on here? I think it might be yours zirk?
If so can you please PM me


Yes,  It is mine,

3.2 Special, Ex Plod, Thames Valley, Sister Car to Josh"s Black one, Manual, LSD, LPG Converted, Stainless Steel Power Flow Exhaust, Enlarged Trottle Bodies, Gas Flowed Penlium, Remapped, for a lot more HP to suit the Mods, Full Leather Recaro MV6 interior to be fitted in the Garage next to it, probably the most responsive Omega I've ever driven if I'm honest and I've owned a few and driven more.

And the CCTV on the Area works really well.

Being polite, what's your interest?


I now own OV03 LJL

Sounds like a good result for both of you 👍


--- Quote from: MikeV6 on 07 March 2023, 14:36:01 ---Nice

I now own OV03 LJL

--- End quote ---
The Black Sister Car to mine, nice, does it still have all the Hidden ExPold bits installed in there?, I was extremely close to taking that off of J a few years back, but seem to remember my Finances were a bit tough at the time, then a week or two later it got Sold.


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