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Vauxhall antira auto diesel lost drive

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Hi all

My neighbour just bought an antara diesel auto and said could I have a look at it as there was a leak underneath, he was out this morning and said I'd see him when he got back, he got back - just - and said we tried putting the car on my ramps but it wouldn't drive back or forward.

I checked for codes, there were none, but noticed that underneath the sump and area around the crank oil seal looks ok, but the oil is coming down onto the tray that covers the box.

I'm starting to think it is autobox leaking, and it's finally ran out hence the no drive. Does anyone have any advice or knowledge of these cars and common faults?



Canít you refill and try it?


--- Quote from: Raeturbo on 05 March 2023, 11:17:47 ---Canít you refill and try it?

--- End quote ---

I read that there is a dipstick under the battery tray, but I've took all that out and found a screw in cap like an oil filler, not a dipstick, although somone said it's at the front near the engine mount so will have another look.

I just put a litre of ATF in it and tried it, now drives ok. Going to put it up on ramps try and get a better look at where it's coming from.



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