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mot & annual service done this morning , expired on the 28th march  but I like to get it done as early as its allowed.

I went to tax my wife’s car online on the 28th February for the 1st March and couldn’t……….. because her MOT also ran out on the 28th February.  ::)  Luckily I managed to book an MOT for the next day so all sorted now.  :y  I blamed her of course as it’s her car.  ;D  She’s put a reminder in her phone now.
She’d excelled herself this year, using her car for work five days a week and using it at weekends occasionally, her mileage has crept up to just over one thousand miles per year. She only has to put fuel in it about three times per year.  ::)


--- Quote from: YZ250 on 07 March 2023, 09:09:27 ---She only has to put fuel in it about three times per year.  ::)

--- End quote ---
Not sure I'm putting fuel in any more often.  600 miles to a tank, and it does the occasional trip to Bicester North or Banburyshire to catch the Chiltern Slug.

Fortunately Mrs TB does enough miles in hers to keep me in fuel receipts for expenses.


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