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General Car Chat / Re: fuel probs
« on: Yesterday at 23:57:47 »
More likely to be contamination in a forecourt tank than specifically due to E10.

Also, when did you last get the fuel filter changed? Not recently I will wager.

Some injector cleaner and a fresh filter would be prudent. And avoid that forecourt for a month.

Omega General Help / Re: Tyre pressures
« on: Yesterday at 21:51:46 »
And if an estate....
Normal load - 30 Front, 33 Rear
Full load - 41 Front, 48 Rear
....although the latter seems a big high to me, but, I'm not the expert - just going off the handbook...
I under remembered... These are what I ran mine at much to TBs distress ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Boycott Chinese goods
« on: Yesterday at 21:49:47 »
Nothing like leverage :-X

Already done.

Halogen units back in, the headlight range and ballast plugs  bagged and tucked away and the fuse pulled.

All working as it should tested and issue free. Retest booked for Friday afternoon.  ;)

The alternative is dicking around trying to get a pair of new ballasts within the ten working days/work commitments...

Omega General Help / Re: Tyre pressures
« on: Yesterday at 21:14:41 »
I can't recall if the Omega has a label somewhere... Fuel filler lid or drivers B pillar :-\

Failing that, there is always the owners manual...

I used to run my estate (same 225/55/16 tyres as yours should be) at 39 front and 42 rear... aka max load pressures.

Failed on headlight aim and a dicky xenon...

A few minors to boot but nothing unexpected.

So I call that a win :D

General Discussion Area / Re: Octopussy energy.
« on: Yesterday at 15:49:29 »

Apparently it wasn't hot enough. Got it warmed up enough to melt lava and it has passed an emissions test, will post the values later, but currently having the rest of the MoT done...

General Discussion Area / Re: Octopussy energy.
« on: Yesterday at 13:43:37 »
Generator and red diesel or a running car, on LPG with the coolant running a loop through the hot water tank.

Such as the retarded timing etc?

Put a bit of thick grease or even blu tack into the socket is useful.

There is just enough room to feed a 1/4 extension bar with a deep socket through the gap under the headlight where you have removed the trim section.A good strong led torch is needed to see the bolt and allow the socket to be feed onto it .Its not very tight so little effort removing.Refitting is the reverse but again ideal to secure the bolt into the socket as explained above.

Finally be careful when you remove the assembly as the leg which you have just removed the hidden bolt from is quite flexible but can snap if pulled too hard.
Kneeling on the bumper is usually sufficient  ;)

It smells a bit rich, the ecu is is a 3.2 one feeding a 2.8...

However, electrically it is happy enough. And presumably it works by supplying fuel to match the air demands.

My Mum has mobility problems .... she needs her walker or an arm to hold to walk the length of herself. She struggled to lift her leg high enough to get into my ML  :( but she manages OK to get into their Chrysler Voyager  :-\
Which is why my thoughts have gone in the direction they have. And based on what I saw yesterday, whilst the pig needs a bit more than lipstick, it meets the entry requirements  :y

Suzuki wagonR are great for mums with little mobility :y they are easy to walk straight in.
I actually want to want to drive it :D

Omega General Help / Re: Removing a headlamp in a Face lift Omega
« on: 30 November 2021, 23:40:00 »
1/4" in fact ::)

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