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Aftermarket parking sensor positioning...


The following applies to both saloon and estate, but for the estate you need to find the centreline of bumper and add 250mm to the hole positions from the centreline.

Working inside the rear bumper, carefully measure and mark the following points...

1. Draw a line parallel to the swage line, 50mm below it.
2. Measure along this line from the edge of the number plate housing and mark it at 50mm and 300mm.
3. From the inside drill a pilot hole using a 3mm bit.
4. Using the supplied bit,(or a suitable size hole saw for Vx/Bosch Park pilot sensors), drill out the Pilot holes from the outside.
5. Debur the holes using a round file. Depending on the style and type of sensor, you might need to carefully chamfer the inside(unpainted side of the bumper) face of the hole in order to get the sensors to sit flush.


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